How To Use Lovesick In A Sentence

  • I know you’re not a bigot or a xenophobiac under that wolf’s mask," she said, "so maybe I won’t say anything to S’Parva if you stop prowling the corridors at night like some lovesick tomcat. Killing Time
  • Now the wind to flowers do not open,only a lovesickness.
  • I whispered to myself as a lovesick middle schooler would do.
  • Lovesick [5369] Chaerea, when he came from Pamphila's house, and had not so good welcome as he did expect, was all amort, Parmeno meets him, quid tristis es? Anatomy of Melancholy
  • The result: timeless songs full of jangling guitars and giggling vocals and lyrics about being a lovesick butterfingers in a world of emotional icebergs.
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  • David Duchovny reprises the role of Moody, the bawdy, cocksure and terminally lovesick belletrist transplanted from his native New York to Venice Beach. Rob Fishman: Californication Season 3: Sneak Peek And Review
  • Her feelings were enough to deal with, but hearing him babble like a lovesick teenager pushed her way over the edge.
  • A compound of imbecility and baseness, yet an object of commiseration: an unmanly, blubbering, lovesick, querulous creature; a soldier, whining, piping and besprent with tears, destitute of any good quality to gain esteem, or any brilliant trait or interesting circumstance to relieve an actor under the weight of representing him. The Mirror of Taste, and Dramatic Censor, Vol. I, No. 4, April 1810
  • Now the wind to flowers do not open,only a lovesickness.
  • Just hearing his voice was making me feel all dopey and lovesick.
  • I examined the poster, wondering if I would ever have my face plastered all over the rooms of football fans and lovesick girls.
  • One witness to the encounter has told a different story: 'She was leading him round like a big lovesick puppy. Times, Sunday Times
  • Charlotte sighed, apparently giving him up as a lovesick fool.
  • A lovesick swan in search of his mate got in a flap when he crash-landed on to railway lines in the centre of York.
  • Now the wind to flowers do not open,only a lovesickness.
  • Alcibiades raves (saith [3404] Maximus Tyrius) and is sick, his furious desires carry him from Lyceus to the pleading place, thence to the sea, so into Sicily, thence to Lacedaemon, thence to Persia, thence to Samos, then again to Athens; Critias tyranniseth over all the city; Sardanapalus is lovesick; these men are ill-affected all, and can never be cured, till their minds be otherwise qualified. Anatomy of Melancholy
  • I'm surrounded by lovesick fools, making puppy dog eyes at each other.
  • He's like a lovesick puppy. The Sun
  • Sure, only a million or so of us lovesick fans are still waiting by the "phone," but, heck, a million sales for an e-book is good geld for producers and writers, and allow us some closure and a civilized chance to say goodbye. Yolanda Reid Chassiakos: Play Fair, Networks
  • To thy thinking she is a most loathsome creature; and as when a country fellow discommended once that exquisite picture of Helen, made by Zeuxis, [5406] for he saw no such beauty in it; Nichomachus a lovesick spectator replied, Anatomy of Melancholy
  • With that, Marylyn flounced off to join her throng of lovesick adorers.
  • Now the wind to flowers do not open,only a lovesickness.
  • She was grateful that no one was there at that moment, for usually it was packed with lovesick couples talking to each other after class.
  • We should hear the sounds of hearts breaking and the low mumble of lonely, lovesick barflies coming through the smoke. Times, Sunday Times
  • But I didn't wanna seem like a lovesick fool or something, cause I really wasn't.
  • I drew hearts all over my paper like a lovesick, pre-teen girl.
  • A lovesick man hires a detective to track down his high-school sweetheart - but discovers he has many rivals for her affections. The Sun
  • Inside the Lada, the mood swings vertiginously between country-lovesick and Elvis Crespo's power salsa.
  • I was just a boy, a sixteen-year-old boy, lovesick for almost the first time with a girl, a girl with some problems.
  • The two of you will act like lovesick teenagers, and ramble towards the car, where I will be waiting for you.
  • I don't want my employees looking like lovesick schoolgirls mooning over a cute hunk.
  • He has been moping around like a lovesick puppy for weeks. The Sun
  • The atrabilious maladies to which artists were supposedly vulnerable included lovesickness and plague.
  • Set in a Brazilian factory town where familiar operatic characters such as the toreador and Don Jose appear as a rock musician and a lovesick cop, respectively, Carmen provides a dramatic challenge for Les Grands.
  • From Honk Kong comes a confusing romance about chance encounters between lovesick cops and unusual women.
  • It makes you wonder if Ascot is ready for the sight of a 65-year-old man in a morning suit, blubbing like a lovesick teenager in front of the Queen. Richard Hannon weeps tears of joy after Paco Boy's Lockinge romp
  • She had seen teenage movies of lovesick teenagers and she definitely did not want to end up like that, crying all the time over some guy.
  • Lovesick Goodman was nabbed while skippering his seven-metre yacht RoyAnna.
  • It was almost like none of this had happened, like we were those two lovesick teenagers escaping to their favorite place all over again.
  • But it doesn't matter, because you'll go running back to her no matter what, like the lost lovesick puppy that you are.
  • She's not this lovesick puppy following him around. The Sun
  • The third character is Awly, the friend who tries to jolly Leo out of his lovesickness.
  • He knew he was behaving like a lovesick teenager.
  • Good work too from Pip Carter who plays the accident-prone Yepihodov as a tortured, lovesick soul, from Emily Taaffe who shows both the flightiness and heartbreak of the maid Dunyasha, and from Kenneth Cranham who pins down the sad senility of the neglected servant, Firs. The Cherry Orchard - review
  • He's been wandering around all week like a lovesick teenager.
  • From Honk Kong comes a confusing romance about chance encounters between lovesick cops and unusual women.
  • And as he looked at her and considered her curiously, an object to enamour an ascetic and make a devotee lovesick, fire was lighted in his vitals and he cried, Folk say that whoso taketh up his abode in this house dieth or sickeneth. The Book of The Thousand Nights And A Night
  • He has been moping around like a lovesick puppy for weeks. The Sun
  • You're acting like a lovesick teenager!
  • Will only recently found out that he had not been able to stomach his older siblings as of late; both of them were lovesick fools.
  • But still Chris follows Mass around like a lovesick puppy. The Sun
  • Yet, there he was, dreaming away like a lovesick prepubescent girl.
  • That would require regressing back to the spineless, lovesick blind man he'd been during the relationship.
  • I didn't want to hurt the guys because of my girly lovesick emotions.
  • strong men behaving like lovesick boys
  • I wanted to sigh like some lovesick schoolgirl.
  • In her writing she recounts a story about one lovesick cowboy who brandished a pistol at her.
  • He was moping around like a lovesick teenager.
  • He has been moping around like a lovesick puppy for weeks. The Sun
  • ‘You sound like a lovesick swain,’ she told him, and walked to the window.
  • In her disguise as the boy Ganymede, Rosalind is able to promise Orlando a cure for lovesickness and also schools him in the art of love!
  • Mr. DeVille's originals were intricate mashes of blues, soul and rock, and he struck an emotional chord with the English, who identified with his hypnotic melodies, lovesick lyrics and tortured stage persona. Brilliant, Shook-Up Guy

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