1. of or relating to or living in actively moving water
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How To Use lotic In A Sentence

  • And in a cave near Luxor, I found the creature, which I dubbed a Nilotic. SACRAMENT
  • Loss of permafrost increases the potential for many northern shallow lotic systems to dry out from a warmer temperature regime. Effects of climate change on general hydro-ecology in the Arctic
  • The dynamics of many of the lotic (river) and lentic (lake) environments in the Arctic are related to permafrost, and freezing can reduce or even halt the flow of rivers. Arctic freshwater environments
  • Acacia nilotica is easy to recognize by its bright yellow flowers in round heads, straight stipular spines often slightly deflexed, and dark indehiscent pods compressed over the seeds. Chapter 10
  • Scrub vegetation consists of low trees such as Acacia nilotica, Prosopis cineraria, P. juliflora, Tamrix aphylla, Zizyphus mauritiana, Capparis decidua, and shrubs such as Calligonum polygonoides, Calotropis spp., Thar desert
  • Two major categories of freshwater ecosystems can be defined as lotic (flowing water) and lentic (standing water), but large variation in size, characteristics, and location is exhibited within each. Freshwater ecosystems in the Arctic
  • The major difference between a lotic ecosystem and a lentic ecosystem is the persistent flow of water in a lotic ecosystem.
  • Various types such as guest ants, temporary parasites (some Lasius, Formica, Bothriomyrmex species), inquilines or permanent social parasites (Anergates, Aporomyrmex, Doronomyrmex, Strongylognathus, etc.), and slave-makers or dulotic species (Chalepoxenus, Epimyrma, Harpagoxenus, Protomognathus, Strongylognathus, Polyergus, etc.) are known.
  • An understanding of factors that influence species richness of lotic insects is generally lacking.
  • As continuity of deposition and preservation potential are not equal in all environments, there is a systematic bias in the paleoclimatic record toward well-preserved lentic environments, and to a lesser extent wetlands, as compared to lotic systems. Historical changes in freshwater ecosystems in the Arctic
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