1. bringing a charge or accusation against someone
  2. the state or quality of being lodged or fixed even temporarily
    the lodgment of the balloon in the tree
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How To Use lodgement In A Sentence

  • She rode out into an open space where a loose earth-slide denied lodgement to trees and grass. Jack London's Story - Moon Face: Planchette pg 3 of 3
  • He excelled in that specious, though apparently heedless raillery, which is so apt to slip without suspicion into a lady's ear; and he could ply his suit, under this disguise, with such seeming artlessness and unconcern, that a lodgement in the citadel was sometimes effected ere the garrison was aware of the intrusion. Traditions of Lancashire, Volume 1 (of 2)
  • Mr Ahern has said the lodgement was the first of a number of lodgements of cash he'd accumulated in his safe over a number of years. Slugger O'Toole
  • Ken Tarboton, Rivers and Drainage group manager for Environment Bay of Plenty, said the lodgement was the first step in the process of obtaining consent to continue operating the structures. ScreenTalk
  • * In adolescents or adults a few drops of a 4 per cent solution of cocain applied to the laryngopharynx with an atomizer or a dropper will afford the minimum risk of dislodgement; but the author's personal preference is for no anesthesia, general or local. Bronchoscopy and Esophagoscopy A Manual of Peroral Endoscopy and Laryngeal Surgery
  • That is with respect to the date, your Honours, of sufficiency; whether it be the date of lodgement of your patent, as your Honour Justice Gummow held in the Rescare Case, or the date of publication, as some earlier cases have held.
  • Sclerostomiasis with attendant arteritis, thrombus formation and subsequent lodgement of emboli in the iliac, femoral, or other arteries, causes sufficient obstruction to prevent free circulation of blood, and the characteristic lameness of thrombosis results. Lameness of the Horse Veterinary Practitioners' Series, No. 1
  • This would exert further mechanical stress on the pigments of the pastel increasing the likelihood of dislodgement.
  • Its lateral half articulates, by means of a synchondrosis, with the petrous portion of the temporal, and between the two bones on the under surface of the skull, is a furrow, the sulcus tubæ, for the lodgement of the cartilaginous part of the auditory tube. II. Osteology. 5a. 5. The Sphenoid Bone
  • How the processes for lodgement and legal deposit will work in practice, the fine print of the legislation, are being worked out at present.
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