[ US /ˌɫoʊkəˈmoʊʃən/ ]
[ UK /lˌə‍ʊkəmˈə‍ʊʃən/ ]
  1. self-propelled movement
  2. the power or ability to move
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How To Use locomotion In A Sentence

  • A notice in Nature the following year described his representation of the attitudes of human locomotion by means of sculpture.
  • Substantial, wholesome, and clean -- though generated by a wet, helpless creature having no personal charms, and which, having passed the phase of life in which it enjoyed the gift of locomotion, has become a plant-like fixture to one spot -- the gas mingles with other diffusions of the reef, recalling villanous salt-petre and sheepdips and brimstone and treacle to the stimulation of the mental faculties generally. My Tropic Isle
  • Horses are the thinking man's method of locomotion. Times, Sunday Times
  • If you were to place a bicycle wheel on a stool in a museum you'd be talking about the properties of locomotion - how the wheel interacts with the stool.
  • Most work on unsteady flow during locomotion in fluids has focused on flapping propulsors, and verifications of the theory have necessarily focused on rigid robotic limbs under carefully controlled conditions.
  • Similarly we have upward locomotion and downward locomotion, which are contrary lengthwise, locomotion to the right and locomotion to the left, which are contrary breadthwise, and forward locomotion and backward locomotion, which too are contraries. Physics
  • In the reproductive tract, NGF could participate in fertilization mechanisms by cytoskeletal mediated activation of spermatozoa locomotion much in the same way as in neurite outgrowth, or by favoring egg implantation, via inhibition of rejection through the immune system. Nobel Lecture The Nerve Growth Factor: Thirty-Five Years Later
  • _ -- Horses knuckling at the fetlock, and all those with diseases which impair the powers of locomotion, such as navicular disease, contracted heels, sidebones, chronic laminitis, etc., are predisposed to sprains of the fetlock. Special Report on Diseases of the Horse
  • All species are sleek, raptorial predators, relying on fast locomotion (both in flight and on foot) and large mandibles to actively chase down a variety of arthropod prey.
  • The spines on the legs of cockroaches were earlier considered to be sensory, but observations of their locomotion on sand and wire meshes has demonstrated that they help in locomotion on difficult terrain. La Cucaracha, La Cucaracha
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