How To Use Loathsomeness In A Sentence

  • Never mind, rather like buses, if you miss one chance to comment on the tabloids insensitivity, self-aggrandisement, condescension and general loathsomeness there bound to be another chance coming along shortly.
  • There's plenty of meanness, pettiness, selfishness, and loathsomeness out there; let's focus some attention on the greatness. Arianna Huffington: Introducing HuffPost's Greatest Person of the Day: Lessons in Creativity, Generosity and Passion
  • The call came from the Department of Dunning, a bewildered soul who kept repeating that our August payment was due even as I ventilated on the subject of the check the bank has acknowledged and, more important, cashed and, more broadly, the perfidy and general loathsomeness of her employer. Alfred Gingold: CHASE HOME WEASEL UPDATE
  • This reviewer can best be compared to that kind of marketplace loafer; they have not only loathsomeness in common but also their aim: to earn a little drink money - by carrying home and by reviewing.
  • Loathsome as it is to try to beg for your life when you were willing to kill others, it is at least a very human form of loathsomeness.
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  • For me, he's rescued from total loathsomeness by the way he responded to House in serious pain. Slowly recovering
  • And now that the spiritual loathsomeness of our venture has been indicated, let us proceed.
  • That sort of knowledge, by which a man has a sensible perception of amiableness and loathsomeness, or of sweetness and nauseousness, is not just the same sort of knowledge with that, by which he knows what a triangle is, and what a square is. Warranted Christian Belief
  • The horrible loathsomeness, the contagiousness, the non-curableness, etc. So the man was shut out from camp and from sanctuary. Expositions of Holy Scripture
  • This is how it must have begun with all of the people she has come to fall in love with, the murderers and the monsters, the celebrities whose loathsomeness radiates from the television screen. The Uses of Enchantment
  • But there is an admirable lack of the loathsomeness of punning headlines; everywhere, the book plays it straight, and plays it true.
  • But aside from the loathsomeness of Levy's no-holds-barred campaign against undocumented workers, Cox's theory made some sense. Dan Collins: GOP Sticks With Rick for Governor
  • That there might have been reasons for his loathsomeness that invite sympathy doesn't change the fact that he was an obnoxious drunk, an emotional bully and sadist, a sexual predator, a rotten husband and an alternately cruel and neglectful father, and it wasn't as though, like Hemingway, he punctuated his awfulness with acts of heroism and generosity. O Youth and Beauty!

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