1. of or relating to Linnaeus or to the system of taxonomic classification that Linnaeus proposed
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How To Use Linnaean In A Sentence

  • The use of Linnaean binomials (even in paleontology) conveys more information about the likely relationships of taxa than can the PhyloCode.
  • In the Linnaean taxonomy, everything is, to begin with, a member of a kingdom.
  • At Oxford University he developed a passion for botany, but finding no-one who could instruct him adequately, he hired a tutor who taught him the new Linnaean precepts.
  • Darwin proposes that the nested hierarchy of Linnaean taxonomy is due to the nested hierarchy of descent. A Disclaimer for Behe?
  • As already mentioned, the old Linnaean classification "Reptiles" is paraphyletic. About 'What Darwin Got Wrong'
  • Like much of Sweden, Uppsala is in the midst of a very Linnaean-spirited culinary trend that champions local foods such as cloudberries, chanterelle mushrooms, tangy V√§sterbotten cheese, and turbot with truffles. The Constant Gardener
  • Despite the fact that traces are not organisms the Linnaean binomial scheme is used to name them, but only to the level of ichnogenus and ichnospecies.
  • In the Linnaean system of classification, the generic status of a species is part of its binomial name, and it is therefore important that the classification at the level of genus is consistent at least in related groups of organisms.
  • The old Linnaean classification "Reptiles" is paraphyletic. About 'What Darwin Got Wrong'
  • The Linnaean system of binominal nomenclature has been agreed upon by scientists from every country and every language as the standard way to name and talk about animals.
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