How To Use Lily pad In A Sentence

  • When Charley saw Wanda he jumped onto a lily pad. "Hi," he cried.
  • The shade from the lily pads and the maple was sufficient to keep down the slimy blanket weed that was threatening to fill the pond earlier in the season.
  • Charley hopped onto a lily pad. He looked at himself in the water.
  • Following the creek eastwards from the ranch, it widens into a large but shallow wetland whose clear water is splashed with islands of lily pads and dense clusters of cat tails.
  • Sometimes, when fishing alongshore with my Indian at the paddle, the canoe would push its nose silently around a point, and I would see the heron's heavy slanting flight already halfway up to the tree-tops, long before our coming had been suspected by the watchful little mother sheldrake, or even by the deer feeding close at hand among the lily pads. Wood Folk at School
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  • Footage showed an unidentified red-haired woman attempting to cross a swimming pool on a set of plastic lily pads. The Sun
  • A group of water bugs was talking one day about how they saw other water bugs climb up a lily pad and disappear from sight.
  • Footage showed an unidentified red-haired woman attempting to cross a swimming pool on a set of plastic lily pads. The Sun
  • The lily pads moved a little as Sit-aken-te shrugged. Aerie
  • We tied napkins with beargrass and embellished them with lily pad-like Shortia, commonly sold as galax leaves.
  • Twitch it over lily pads and any type of matted vegetation, such as milfoil and hydrilla. 25 Killer Spring Tips for Bass, Trout, Crappie, Walleys, and Pike
  • Communication between client and server consists of a series of connections from one lily pad on the pond to another, with the last step connecting to the server.
  • The Tournament Frog is great to use as bait in lily pads and murky waters. What do i use to catch a bass?
  • As an entity, the caverns contain a matchless array of spectacular limestone formations: stalagmites, stalactites and the rarer epsomite needles, soda straws, cave pearls, and lily pads. Travel Guide: the Incredible Natural Landscapes in the U.S.A. (Part 1)
  • Snowy herons skimmed low over the water, and choruses of warbling frogs emanated from clusters of lily pads.
  • Lily pads and other vegetation dot the waters of Georgia's Okefenokee Swamp.
  • They land on lily pads in the pond and frogs are ribbiting and bouncing all around.
  • Visitors surrender to the kaleidoscopic vision by lying on large fabric-covered mattresses, like lily pads or the rubbery leaves of a tropical plant, which cover the church floor.
  • When I was nine I used to think quite a lot about Clara, her straw hat skimming among the lily pads. LEARNING TO TALK: SHORT STORIES
  • This one he'll use around vegetation such as milfoil or lily pads.
  • A green frog sits atop a large lily pad in the waters of Atchafalaya Delta.
  • Life in Color: Green A green frog sits atop a large lily pad in the waters of Atchafalaya Delta.
  • After that they met the faery ferryman, who -- according to Sandy -- "wore a wee kiltie o 'reeds, an' a tammie made frae a loch-lily pad wi 'a cat-o'-nine-tail tossel, lukin' sae ilk the brae ye wad niver ken he was a mon glen ye dinna see his legs, walkin '. The Primrose Ring
  • Oil stains float like lily pads.
  • Damselflies, mayflies and dragonflies dart from lily pad to iris leaf. Times, Sunday Times
  • If at that moment my ancient stately lily pad had been able to draw her bed curtains, she surely would have.
  • The sight that had arrested their attention was hundreds of the smaller squacco herons, standing-long necks curved into an S and long beaks poised to stab at fish-on nearly every single one of the sturdy lily pads that surrounded each fragrant blooming white flower. The Plains of Passage
  • Take this system called the bullfrog because of how so called lily pads make packages jump to their destination. CNN Transcript Dec 20, 2005
  • A nasturtium is a brightly colored edible flower that grows on vines with leaves that look like water-lily pads minus the water. Headlines
  • The spa here is sensational, a tranquil environment centred on a peaceful quad with a pond full of lily pads that draws in tropical birds and butterflies. The Sun
  • Retrieve the lure rapidly in skips and skitters over the tops of lily pads, along log edges, and above the weeds. Bait and Switch
  • -- FRAGRANT WATER LILY (Castalia odorata) is one of several species of plants with floating padlike leaves (thus the common name lily pads). Catch More Largemouth Bass in Weeds in Early Spring
  • The feathers on its underbelly lightly brushed the lily pads on the surface.
  • Life in Color: Green A green frog sits atop a large lily pad in the waters of Atchafalaya Delta.
  • Two pheasant-tailed jacana chicks and eggs on a lily pad nest.
  • Bait and switch for bass works best in moderately thick cover: Beds of lily pads, scattered logs or standing timber, or patches of dense milfoil or hydrilla mixed with small pockets of open water are all good examples. Bait and Switch
  • You can illuminate your garden with a selection of wooden or metal lanterns, colour-changing lily pad lights or bright, citronella bucket candles.
  • Young mosquito fish wriggle, tadpole-like, amid lily pads and stems of smartweed. Globe and Mail
  • When we came around the other side of the pond, someone spotted a jacana walking across the lily pads.

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