[ US /ˈɫaɪtˌjɪɹ/ ]
  1. the distance that light travels in a vacuum in 1 year; 5.88 trillion miles or 9.46 trillion kilometers
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How To Use light-year In A Sentence

  • The average separation between the stars at its centre is no more than a tenth of a light-year.
  • Based on the nebula's distance of 650 light-years, its angular size corresponds to a huge ring with a diameter of nearly three light-years.
  • Since its launch last June, NASA's Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope has discovered a new class of pulsars, probed gamma-ray bursts and watched flaring jets in galaxies billions of light-years away. Tew's Day!
  • The distance can be expressed in light-years.
  • The blue shift was discernible on scales of 100 million light-years, or roughly one-hundredth the scale of previous studies.
  • This newly discovered planet orbits a star called Tau Gruis, which is about 100 light-years away.
  • The expansion rate became known as the Hubble constant; Hubble thought it was 500 kilometers per second every 3.26 million light-years, that is, every megaparsec. A Grand and Bold Thing
  • “We are back in position as ordered, three parsecs out of Mu Arae, within one light-year of the border.” Star Trek: Myriad Universes: Shattered Light
  • A supernova within 100 light-years of the Earth would likely be a catastrophic event for our planet, but something as far out as T Pyxidis may or may not damage the Earth. Could A Faraway Supernova Threaten Earth? | Universe Today
  • Their absolute magnitude is that of their appearance at 10 parsecs, or 32.6 light-years.
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