How To Use Levodopa In A Sentence

  • DDCIs limit conversion of levodopa to dopamine in peripheral tissues, which allows a greater proportion of the levodopa to enter the brain and minimizes its adverse side effects.
  • Dopamine agonists may be given in combination with levodopa to help maintain its beneficial effect, or sometimes on their own in the early stages.
  • Ziprasidone may antagonize the effects of levodopa and dopamine agonists.
  • Although treatment with the drug levodopa can restore almost normal movement in many patients with early Parkinson's Disease, the treatment gradually loses effectiveness as the disease progresses.
  • However, with the realisation that the response to levodopa in Parkinson's disease tends to wear off and in itself can produce dyskinesias, pallidotomy gained renewed acceptance as a treatment if the disease proved refractory.
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  • Treatments for symptom relief: Drugs levodopa with carbidopa, anticholinergics, surgery and deep-brain stimulation Drug Concerns in Parkinson's
  • In the case of vitamin B6, treatment with levodopa alone often raises the levels of this vitamin, so co-supplementation is contraindicated.
  • Levodopa is considered better at treating motor control problems in Parkinson's patients but is also associated with side effects such as dyskinesia (involuntary movements), and the effectiveness of the drug can wear off over time. Medlogs - Recent stories
  • Although levodopa remains the optimal treatment for Parkinson's disease, ropinirole provides similar improvements in functional abilities while minimising abnormal involuntary movements.
  • Often patients are given prescriptions for levodopa, or L-dopa, which is converted into dopamine by enzymes in the brain. THE MEDICAL NEWS
  • If they have not had any levodopa they will benefit from levodopa treatment or from controlled release levodopa.
  • In the past, pyridoxine restriction was recommended for patients using levodopa, as pyridoxine facilitates the conversion of levodopa to dopamine outside the brain.
  • Despite her use of the long-acting drug preparation, she reported that the carbidopa-levodopa effect wore off after 3 to 4 hours.
  • While medications such as levodopa are highly effective for years, many patients continue to lose mobility despite higher doses. Science News / Features, Blog Entries, Column Entries, Issues, News Items and Book Reviews
  • Patients initially treated with levodopa were more likely to develop motor control complications such as dyskinesia and wearing off, but these complications didn't have a significant impact on patients 'quality of life or disability, the researchers found. Medlogs - Recent stories
  • Some patients with mild symptoms may elect not to use medications; others may benefit from levodopa or a dopamine agonist.
  • The drug levodopa, which is converted to dopamine, the chemical lost in Parkinson's disease, is our gold-standard treatment for relieving stiffness, tremors and rigidity," said Dr. Goetz. The Earth Times Online Newspaper
  • Consult a healthcare practitioner if liver impaired, have a history of non-melanoma skin cancer, or are taking levodopa or tetracyclines.
  • The study split 361 patients into four groups, three of which were given levodopa while the fourth got a placebo.
  • Last year the London Times reported that the pope takes levodopa, a standard treatment, and before public appearances or officiating at a mass he reportedly also receives a shot of the fast-acting drug apomorphine hydrochloride, which is effective for only a short time. 'PRECIOUS' SUFFERING
  • Certain medications, particularly those containing levodopa (a substance that acts as a building block of dopamine), have known side effects. Some Important Facts about Parkinson's disease
  • It came back positive for levodopa with an 'unable to identify' note for carbidopa. Times, Sunday Times
  • Those who had taken levodopa or a dopaminergic agonist in the preceding two months were excluded.
  • This explains the increased sensitivity to levodopa that some patients exhibit after a period off the drug.
  • The dopamine precursor levodopa is the most common treatment for Parkinson's disease.
  • The drug levodopa, which is used more commonly than dopamine agonists to treat Parkinson's, was not linked to any compulsive behaviors.
  • Research using donated brain tissue has already led to major medical breakthroughs in the treatment and understanding of Parkinson's, including the development of anti-Parkinson's drugs, such as levodopa, which has revolutionised the way symptoms of the condition are controlled. Undefined
  • Other amines and amine precursors such as histamine, dopamine, levodopa, and tyrosine may also be involved in these reactions.
  • Entacapone is also available as a single ingredient product (sold under the brand name Comtan) to be always administered in association with carbidopa/levodopa (entacapone has no antiparkinsonian effect of its own).
  • The disease can be treated by replacing dopamine with a drug called levodopa, or L-dopa, but the drug loses its effectiveness over time. Electrical Stimulation Through The Spinal Cord May Ease Parkinson’s Symptoms | Impact Lab
  • Hence patients requiring smaller doses of levodopa who are troubled with nausea cardiac arrhythmias, or hypotension may use this dosage form.
  • It's now used to control symptoms between scheduled doses of levodopa, which is made by generic-drug makers including Apotex Inc. --
  • Dyskinesias are caused by levodopa, the mainstay medication in Parkinson's treatment.
  • “It is too early to say whether this could replace levodopa treatment or the current deep brain stimulation.” Electrical Stimulation Through The Spinal Cord May Ease Parkinson’s Symptoms | Impact Lab
  • People who comment on such things as Limbaugh’s asinine remark really do need to be aware — and report — that it is the MEDICINE that MAKES Mr. Fox twist and writhe… the condition is known as dyskinesia, and it’s a direct effect of the levodopa in the medicine Sinemet, without which a person with advanced Parkinson’s wouldn’t be able to move at all. Think Progress » “Either he didn’t take his medication
  • He added that the findings imply that patients being treated with levodopa should ask their neurologists to monitor the level of homocysteine in their blood, particularly if they are at risk for heart disease.
  • While levodopa and other drugs can ease the symptoms of PD, none of the current treatments has been shown to slow the course of the disease.

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