How To Use Least of all In A Sentence

  • Writers who whitewash the facts in order to present their side of a story don't do anyone any good, least of all their own followers.
  • Art, in its highest expression, explains our existence to us, both the particularities of the artist's own time and the universals of all time, or at least of all human history.
  • He has never courted approval, least of all affection, but has continued to stare straight ahead with his own goals always in view, to be attained in his way.
  • THEY say no one is irreplaceable - least of all in sport, where new heroes always emerge. The Sun
  • States and boundaries disappear while new ones emerge, the world is being reapportioned and nobody, least of all the German government, is prepared to stay on the sidelines.
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  • He gave least of all towards the wedding present.
  • No one had the ability to knock him from that pedestal, least of all Todd.
  • I've got a few clean-up issues to attend to, not least of all my need to "jettison" (to borrow Bill's oh-so-apt word choice) the frame story - which is something I've been thinking about ever since moriarty6 suggested the same. Bipolar Bear could take over the world, if she could only get out of bed
  • No one is benefiting, least of all your beloved son. Times, Sunday Times
  • Life is no bed of roses for the new dealer, least of all if female and of a gullible disposition.
  • No one knows how to defuse this nationwide crisis, least of all the government. Times, Sunday Times
  • Least of all should we cheer-lead a military assault on an already terrified, bloody and starving country.
  • Most posties have a real pride in their work but this is being eroded by management decisions which have proved not to be in the public's favour, least of all the postperson's.
  • No one likes admitting that they were wrong, least of all military personnel, but there comes a point when retreat can be more honourable than defending an unsustainable position.
  • Least of all would I lie to you.
  • It was almost incomprehensible to her that anyone could exist in this ramshackle environment, yet there were definite signs of life; not least of all the faint sound of chatter coming from up the road.
  • Deficits and the public debt have piled up mountainously since then, and few people care, least of all conservative Republicans.
  • Nothing worked, least of all the pressure on the general, who seemed to become ever more flaky as the crisis developed.
  • I like the green one least of all.
  • Nothing is sacred the United Nations flag, the Red Cross, and least of all human life.
  • He would be the saintliest patriot since Jean de Arc, except he puts himself on a pedestal above comparison, least of all with a poor woman of purest heart who believed her place was putting men to her sword, exactly as angelic women's voices instructed in her dreams. Winning The Peace : The Obamazation of Our Nation |
  • There were occasional incursions into how to deal with union reps, managing staff, dealing the public and least of all building maintenance or security.
  • Also, this library admits (is allowed to admit on certain conditions) some books forbidden generally by the censureship, which is of the strictest; and though Balzac appears very imperfectly, I am delighted to find him at all, and shall dun the bookseller for the 'Instruction criminelle,' which I hope discharges your Lucien as a 'forcat' ” neither man nor woman ” and true poet, least of all .... The Letters of Elizabeth Barrett Browning
  • To me, though I am the very least of all the saints, this grace was given, to preach to the Gentiles the unsearchable riches of Christ, and to bring to light for everyone what is the plan of the mystery hidden for ages in God who created all things, so that through the church the manifold wisdom of God might now be made known to the rulers and authorities in the heavenly places. Alternative to Dembski's Theodicy?
  • Least of all would I lie to you.
  • Miss Mannering acquiesced with a passiveness which is no part of her character, and which, to tell you the plain truth, is a feature about the business which I like least of all. Chapter XVI
  • Relativism is not an attractive proposition to anyone, least of all philosophers, because everything becomes so uncertain and transitory.
  • nobody, least of all Joe, agreed with me
  • Commentators accused Obama of "grovelling" and noted that protocol traditionally calls for an American president to bow to no one ... least of all a foreign potentate. Home -
  • Nobody need worry, you least of all/least of all you.
  • His cold manner, dogmatic socialism, and austere disposition did not endear him to everyone, least of all to Churchill, but he had a brilliant brain, and was too valuable to lose.
  • 'Och, they can put on a bra show and bedazzle ye wi' every manner o 'fine wines and loose lasses,' grumbled Hugi, 'but there's aye been scant friendship atwixt men and Faerie, least of all noo when Chaos gathers for war. Three Hearts and Three Lions
  • And now the experience of more than twenty years leaves little room to doubt but that it is a state, of things the most favourable to mutual candour, which is of great importance to domestic peace and good neighbourhood and to the cause of all truth, religious truth least of all excepted. Priestley in America 1794-1804
  • I like the green one least of all.
  • Such a speech should never have been made, least of all by a so-called responsible politician.
  • Nobody, least of all a Party boss, could be expected to watch, still more record, domestic television output!
  • 'I know not, indeed, what women call wronged -- least of all what thou, who art not like other women, wouldst judge; but this thing seems to me strange -- that when I look on thee, Dorothy, one moment it seems as if for thy sake I could forgive him anything -- except that he slew me not outright, and the next that never can I forgive him even that wherein he never did me any wrong.' St. George and St. Michael Volume III
  • Sexology home may be least of all a kind of the most adjacent and be sanctimonious, honest person, li Yinhe says, get one of honest idea, be thoroughly, ask oneself and good-tempered others honestly.
  • With the glitz, glamour and sense of history-in-the-making absent, yesterday was simply a rather poor tennis match, which no one much minded who won, least of all the two girls.
  • To me, less than the least of all saints, was this grace given to announce to the Gentiles the unsearchable riches of Christ as the gospel.
  • It was the last myth that anyone needed, least of all those who loathe the notion of intractability.
  • He gave least of all towards the wedding present.
  • He gave least of all towards the wedding present.
  • Least of all, writers of science fiction, who if they are true to their calling, start with the blankest of canvases, and are free to create, worlds, universes, cultures, states of being and consciousness, the very laws of mass and energy if they so choose. Point/Counterpoint: Media Tie-Ins
  • To me, the least of all the saints, is given this grace, to preach among the Gentiles, the unsearchable riches of Christ.
  • The world belongs to the few, not to the many, and least of all to all.
  • Democracies cannot embrace central - bank independence unreservedly - least of all now.
  • I like that least of all.
  • Although I am less than the least of all God's people, this grace was given me: to preach to the Gentiles the unsearchable riches of Christ.
  • He gave least of all towards the wedding present.
  • The big worry is that the cash-strapped Irish health service is ill equipped to deal with an epidemic of any form, least of all a potentially fatal virus like SARS.
  • She did not wish even to think about it, and least of all in connexion with that matter. The Mother
  • No one except me, and least of all the President, was disposed to interfere with that.
  • Least of all would it be permissible for this Court to intervene in respect of the initiation of proceedings by a House of Parliament against a federal judge.
  • Nothing fazes him, least of all his dodgy heart, which he considers merely a blip on a perfect landscape.
  • Nobody, least of all a Party boss, could be expected to watch, still more record, domestic television output!
  • Such a speech should never have been made, least of all by a so-called responsible politician.
  • Nobody, least of all the chancellor, one suspects, is banking on this.
  • He's kidding nobody, least of all his own persecuted people.
  • The schoolroom is not the place to teach any young child language, least of all the deaf child. The Story of My Life
  • I’ve got high hopes for this, not least of all because the teleplay is by Suzan-Lori Parks, who won the Pulitzer for the play Topdog/Underdog. Print - Watching “Their Eyes Were Watching God” |
  • She will be nobody's stooge, least of all Washington's.
  • Nor would the theory account for the absence of a taboo in the lower savagery, nor for the totemistic character of the lady, nor, least of all, for the peltry which is the most picturesque, if not the most important, incident in this group of tales. The Science of Fairy Tales An Inquiry into Fairy Mythology
  • 'Bah!' said the sailor; 'when you have buffeted as many of the storms of life as I have, you will learn that gratitude is rarely found on earth -- least of all in such a brutified nature as that fellow's. Edward Barnett; a Neglected Child of South Carolina, Who Rose to Be a Peer of Great Britain,—and the Stormy Life of His Grandfather, Captain Williams or, The Earle's Victims: with an Account of the Terrible End of the Proud Earl De Montford, the Lamen
  • No one knows how to defuse this nationwide crisis, least of all the government. Times, Sunday Times
  • Emie nodded slowly, realizing she was being cornered into a conversation she would rather not discuss with anyone, least of all him.
  • This house proposes that we not sully the memory of a parent, least of all one who sends a judder through a child, unleashing rather that selfsame, satin-lined grizzly, that selfsame man-eater whose breath is furring the windshield. The Windshield
  • Such a speech should never have been made, least of all by a so-called responsible politician.
  • There is little that can credibly be called queenly about these creatures, least of all when they display their menacing teeth. A Formula So Old It's New Again

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