Large Magellanic Cloud

  1. the larger of the two Magellanic Clouds visible from the southern hemisphere
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How To Use Large Magellanic Cloud In A Sentence

  • Explanation: A satellite galaxy of our own Milky Way, the Large Magellanic Cloud (LMC) is an alluring sight in dark southern skies and the constellation Dorado.
  • The star, called R136a1, was discovered in the Tarantula Nebula, left, a sprawling cloud of gas and dust in the Large Magellanic Cloud, a galaxy about 165,000 light-years away from our own Milky Way. The Biggest Star
  • The festive grouping sits in a turbulent star-birth region in the Large Magellanic Cloud, a satellite of our Milky Way galaxy. National Geographic News
  • The Small Magellanic Cloud, and its companion galaxy the Large Magellanic Cloud, are the two galaxies where this type of study is possible.
  • Astronomers have long considered the possibility that these huge stars formed elsewhere and were then somehow sent off on a runaway course - something we've observed in our own galaxy - but the Large Magellanic Cloud was thought to be too far away for the velocity of the stars to be measured. "MAIN" via Steve in Google Reader
  • As Olsen's team will report in a future issue of The Astrophysical Journal, the Large Magellanic Cloud probably stole 5% of its stars from its smaller sibling.
  • Olsen says the stars share the motion of gas streams near the Large Magellanic Cloud, suggesting that the galaxy tore not only stars but also gas from its lesser neighbor.
  • Similar to the icon of a fictional ghost, NGC 2080 is actually a star forming region in the Large Magellanic Cloud, a satellite galaxy of our own Milky Way Galaxy.
  • Pictured above, a large stone statue appears to ponder the distant Large Magellanic Cloud before a cloudy sky that features the bright stars Canopus and Sirius.
  • The finding "implies that massive star-forming regions are the main source of cosmic rays in the Large Magellanic Cloud," Kn√∂dlseder said. Wired Top Stories
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