How To Use Lactuca In A Sentence

  • At the highest altitudes (c. 3,000 m) the forests become shrubby, with the vegetation consisting of Hypericum patulum and Rhododendron burmanicum, and the herbaceous plants include Aconitum, Lactuca, Pedicularis, and Veronica. Chin Hills-Arakan Yoma montane forests
  • The Latin name lactuca is connected with lac, milk, because of the milky sap or latex which oozes out of the cut stem.
  • Study of Tissue Culture and Establishment of Asexual System of Lactuca sativa.
  • Lechuga: lettuce (Lactuca sativa) All lettuce varieties have been cultivated from the original wild varieties found in North America, including Mexico, as well as in Northern Europe and North Africa. Mexico's Leafy Green
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