How To Use Labial stop In A Sentence

  • Consider the Etruscan use of letter phi, coding for the aspirate bilabial stop, which tends to mark many Greek loans: Φerse 'Perseus' and Φuipa 'Phoibe'. The etymology of Latin tofus 'tufa' isn't written in stone
  • Finally, contrastive words with the feature were also among the easiest 10 words, and so were words that contained the before bilabial stop feature.
  • labial stops
  • In eastern Bantu languages, it is commonplace for proto-Bantu bilabial stops voiced and voiceless to change into labiodental fricatives before close high u and/or i, and I do believe – though this needs to be checked – that in some of these languages, these fricatives are in fact bilabials themselves. Concern trolls and the Etruscan bilabial 'f'
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