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  • Fifth Fleet spokesman said that at 1:00 on the 20th or so, "Hartford" Kursk and "New Orleans" amphibious landing ship collided in New Orleans, killing 15 submarine crew was slightly injured.
  • LEON HARRIS, CNN ANCHOR: Britain says the Russian government has now ask for help in the rescue mission of that ill-fated nuclear submarine, Kursk, which is on the bottom of the Barents Sea. CNN Transcript - Breaking News: Russian Submarine Accident: British to Help in Rescue Mission - August 16, 2000
  • HANNA: A number of the sailors were born in this town called Kursk, the town after which the submarine was named. CNN Transcript - Breaking News: Submarine Kursk and Town of Kursk Wait for Rescue - August 15, 2000
  • They used for the first time at Kursk self-propelled artillery regiments that proved to be an effective means of support to tank and infantry attacks.
  • But this time, not with armies in Super-Kursk panzer battles -- and certainly, thanks to massive retaliation, not with nukes. Michael Vlahos: James Bond, We Hardly Knew Ye
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  • In his anecdotically fascinating review of three books on the life of Kim Philby and the Cambridge University spy ring [ "The Fabulous Five," NYR, January 12] Noel Annan leaves the impression that if it were not for John Cairncross (one of the "faithful servants" of the KGB) and his access to Ultra at Bletchley, England, the "rout" of German tanks by the Russians at Kursk could have gone the other way. Serving the KGB
  • Then suddenly two explosions rocked the water and the Kursk was down, settling with a dull thump on the sea floor.
  • According to the salvage plan, Kursk will be secured beneath a number of specially designed pontoons to be ferried to a dry dock in Murmansk, the base of Russia's Northern Fleet, for examination.
  • LEON HARRIS, CNN ANCHOR: We've gotten some late word now on the fate of that Russian submarine, the Kursk, which is now lying on the bottom of the Barents Sea. CNN Transcript - Breaking News: Russian Submarine Accident: Russia Asks Britain for Help - August 16, 2000
  • Though the weather after 5 July was essentially clear, it worked against the German army during the critical initial advance into the Kursk salient.
  • Russia's submarines are in such a poor state of repair that they seldom venture far from port, the Kursk disaster reinforcing fears about the reliability of the Russian fleet.
  • And it's impossible to say at this moment that the Kursk is a victim of this poor training, poor readiness, but it's a possibility that the collision occurred because the crew simply wasn't adequately trained. CNN Transcript - Breaking News: Ctr. for Defense Information: Prospects for Successful Rescue of Crew Aboard Sunken Russian Sub 'Very Dim' - August 14, 2000
  • After 1660, vines were planted in Kursk, Tambov, and in the vicinities of Tula and Moscow.
  • The bandsmen also accompanied an ecumenical service for the Tall Ship's Crews at which a large contingent of young Russian sailors paid a special tribute to the crew of the Kursk.
  • We know that the type of escape hatch that's on the Kursk is the same that's been on the Kito (ph) class submarines, and these -- the LR5 has exercise with in the -- with a NATO Polish Kito class submarines. CNN Transcript - Breaking News: Russian Submarine Accident: Rear Admiral Cobbald Discusses Rescue Equipment Being Sent Out to Site - August 18, 2000
  • Which of these conflicting sides of the country will prevail became a matter of intense conjecture after the Kursk disaster.
  • Attached were the steel cables that would allow the Kursk to be raised to the surface.
  • The loss of the Kursk was a direct consequence of the fleet command's negligence, "said Boris Kuznetsov, a lawyer who represented some of the sailors 'relatives. The Earth Times Online Newspaper
  • In May 1943 four strikes of Soviet aviation at the enemy airfields at the Kursk salient destroyed 500 aircraft.
  • An outstanding example of peasant political particularism had occurred in 1921 in the Tambov guberniia bordering on Kursk.
  • But many relatives of those trapped aboard the Kursk arrived with a defiant hope that their boys would be saved.
  • The Kursk was the pride of Russia's Northern Fleet BBC News - Home
  • On August 12, 2000, the "Kursk" -- the largest attack submarine ever built -- went out to perform a drill in the Barents Sea. Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty
  • How could this happen to a giant submarine like Kursk?
  • The Germans planned powerful attacks from the areas near Orel and Belgorod toward Kursk to surround and destroy the Soviet forces within the bulge.
  • The aliens, named the Kursk, wanted to install giant antennae at equidistant points around earth and they wanted us to hook our datacables into them. 365 tomorrows » 2008 » October : A New Free Flash Fiction SciFi Story Every Day
  • The 6th Guards Army alone lost up to 30 thous of killed and wounded at Kursk.

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