[ US /ˈkɹɪɫ/ ]
[ UK /kɹˈɪl/ ]
  1. shrimp-like planktonic crustaceans; major source of food for e.g. baleen whales
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How To Use krill In A Sentence

  • The krill, in turn, are the Adelie penguins' primary food.
  • But the biggest krill market has always been as animal feeds and aquaculture. Times, Sunday Times
  • In a sudden epiphany, he had remembered that he still had Krillir's guns, silver weapons with eagles engraved on the handles.
  • Astaxanthin serves the same purpose for all life forms as it moves up the food chain from a single-celled microalga to krill to salmon to human. Forever Young
  • His work has focused on the whales' principal food, the inch-long, shrimplike marine animals known as krill.
  • The acid is found in organisms, including sardines and krill that eat the algae and that are in turn eaten by the squid.
  • When phytoplankton explode in population during the blooms, tiny animals called zooplankton - which include krill and other small crustaceans - likewise expand in number as they harvest the phytoplankton. Shifting spring: Arctic plankton blooming up to 50 days earlier now
  • Penguins, whales and seals are attracted by the krill and fish. Times, Sunday Times
  • As well as having large canines for dealing with bigger prey, their cheek teeth are serrated, which enables them to strain krill from the water.
  • Jimmy watches as the krill contracts violently, trying to escape the forceps as Simon plucks her from the net and drops her onto a petri dish.
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