Krebs cycle

  1. in all plants and animals: a series of enzymatic reactions in mitochondria involving oxidative metabolism of acetyl compounds to produce high-energy phosphate compounds that are the source of cellular energy
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How To Use Krebs cycle In A Sentence

  • This is also known as the citric acid cycle or Krebs cycle.
  • The Krebs cycle, also known as the citric acid cycle or the tricarboxylic acid cycle, is one of the most important reaction sequences in biochemistry. Krebs cycle
  • The Friedman-Stricker article discusses a particular event in the liver that could trigger the hunger signal: a shift away from "oxidative metabolism" (the Krebs cycle for making energy out of anything) to direct production of glucose and ketone bodies (gluconeogenesis and ketogenesis - remember these from "diabetes is like starvation" above?). Sun Bloggers
  • In aerobes with sufficient oxygen, pyruvate is transported to the mitochondrion to undergo further transformations in the Krebs cycle.
  • If there is no Krebs cycle, no metabolism and no more ATP to phosphorylate peptides in kinase activity etc, then that organism is simply dead — and it is in equilibrium, or is on a monotonic course to equilibrium as it decays or is consumed by other organisms. A Dark, Misleading Force
  • Enzymes primarily involved in glycolysis and in the Krebs cycle showed only a small rise in activity (PFP, PFK and malate dehydrogenase).
  • This is also known as the citric acid cycle or Krebs cycle.
  • Malic Acid is the only metabolite of the Krebs Cycle which falls in concentration during exhaustive physical activity.
  • Dietary anaplerotic therapy with triheptanoin is used in clinical trials to promote energy production in patients with peripheral and brain Krebs cycle deficit, as its metabolites - C5 ketone bodies - cross the blood-brain barrier. Naturejobs - All Jobs
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