How To Use Kopeck In A Sentence

  • Cell phones are now widely used in a country where people struggled 15 years ago to find two-kopeck pieces to feed pay phones. Smart Mobs » Blog Archive » Russia’s Communists turn to cell phones
  • Whereas in the past, world price fluctuations among the "free nations" - were of little concern to Soviet planners, Russian politicians today very sensibly want to extract every last kopeck from trade partners. Russian-Ukrainian gas war
  • As a result, two views of life, so to speak, were lodged in the corporal's incapacious head: on the one hand, he could not suppress his sense of injury against the German lieutenant who had thrown down 1,500 roubles and not a kopeck more; on the other, he did not dare forget that he had been initiated by the 'directing German representatives" into the whole German espionage system, including all its agents and banks. My Life
  • Yesterday's high-sounding talk presented that causes many people to think that he already obtained team's trust, soon became the kopeck genuine teammate.
  • Must be a good luck thing to hit a snake on the head with a 50 kopeck coin here. 2007 April « My Life in Kharkov
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  • Not one pickopeck of muscow — money to bag a tittlebits of beebread! Finnegans Wake
  • Kalashnikov says he has not seen "a single kopeck. SWORDS INTO VODKA
  • I would bet my last kopeck that the delays in question are indicative of none of these things — all of which, incidentally, were suggested to me by the authors themselves. Author! Author! » 2006 » April
  • If my kids go to Russia, I will write in my will that they won't get a kopeck. Acquitted American crabber in Russia still caught up in criminal justice system
  • The kopeck bumps into 22nd to leopard cat's competition in with the teammate, finally the right knee swells, today has not been able to go on stage.
  • We had foreign coins mixed in with our large copper cents, -- all kinds, from the Russian "kopeck" to the "half-penny token" of Great Britain. A New England girlhood, outlined from memory (Beverly, MA)
  • The kopeck is in the competition the best member, best essential gentleman.
  • There is a tavern called "Taganrog"; sugar costs twenty-four kopecks a pound, pine kernels six kopecks a pound. Letters of Anton Chekhov
  • I don't think the Russians give a kopeck about our precious global warming concerns, and to the extent they might believe that global warming is a real phenomenon, they are all for it: Who wouldn't want to warm up Siberia and turn the Russian Arctic into a blue-water coastline? James Pinkerton: The Double Sputnik of 2008: An End to Illusions

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