1. the Bantu language spoken by the Kongo living in the tropical forests of Zaire and Congo and Angola
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How To Use Kongo In A Sentence

  • Half in earnest we waved our hands to them and shouted our greetings to them in the native -- punda milia, kongoni, pa-a, fice, m'pofu, twiga, simba, n'grooui, and the rest. African Camp Fires
  • As far as the eye can see in all directions is green savannah, dotted with anthills and termite hills, scrub and manioc fields plunging down into forested valleys with jungle and rivers and women carrying huge loads on their heads and thousands of little kiddos shouting “mundele” ‘white person’ in Kikongo almost hysterically and running after the truck as we drive by. Archive 2007-05-01
  • Municipal elections in Leopoldville (Kinshasa); Elizabethville (Lubumbashi); and Jadotville (Likasi) gave a vast majority to the Nationalist Alliance de Bakongo (ABAKO), which demanded “immediate independence. 1957, Dec
  • Bakongo enjoy one of several sauces, eaten with fufu or with rice.
  • The Bakongo are a blend of peoples who assimilated the Kongo culture and language over time.
  • The Kongo quickly adapted European technology that they found useful: the Kongo king substituted an exotic horse tail for the elephant tail he had used as his own personal fly whisk.
  • The sportsman swears at the kongoni because it so often alarms the quarry he is stalking. In Africa Hunting Adventures in the Big Game Country
  • For the six grazing species with precocial young (wildebeest, topi, kongoni, warthog, buffalo, zebra), Fig 3. shows the frequency distribution of births.
  • With nearly every herd of game, or near by, will be found the faithful kongoni, always alert, watchful, and vigilant, and it is nearly always his cry of warning that sends the beasts of the plains flying from dangers that they can not see. In Africa Hunting Adventures in the Big Game Country
  • Kyoto, the Emperor, being desirous that Kobodaishi should write the tablet for the great temple called Kongo-jo-ji, gave the tablet to a messenger and bade him carry it to Kobodaishi, that Kobodaishi might letter it. Glimpses of Unfamiliar Japan First Series
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