How To Use Knight-errant In A Sentence

  • Since the Chinese literati discovered Homer at the beginning of the twentieth century, they have keenly felt the lack of a national epic poem, their own traditional fiction of knight-errant wuxia stories being considered too episodic and prosaic. Jamyang Norbu: Language, Identity & Revolution in Tibet
  • I will tell you the matter at length, for it is comical enough; and why should not you list to my juridical adventures, as well as I to those of your fiddling knight-errantry? Redgauntlet
  • To content company, little game also can realize gain, to platform company character, made alone door gest, in similar knight-errant novel " suck astral old law " .
  • “From seeing the danger to which my incautious knight-errantry has exposed me; I begin, indeed, to take you for a very mischievous sort of person, and I fear the poor devil from whom I rescued you will be amply revenged for his disgrace, by finding that the first use you make of your freedom is to doom your deliverer to bondage.” Cecilia
  • Whose gest is highest in knight-errant of respecting gold commonplace, the masses is accepted first is to be in Shaolin Temple low-key those who sweep the floor is anonymous without the monk.
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  • But this havoc did not last long; for the silvered party, exasperated by their loss, resolved to perish or stop her progress; and having posted an archer in ambuscado on a distant angle, together with a knight-errant, her highness fell into their hands and was carried out of the field. Five books of the lives, heroic deeds and sayings of Gargantua and his son Pantagruel
  • No sooner therefore was she determined to take the first opportunity of quitting the protection of her husband, than she resolved to cast herself under the protection of some other man; and whom could she so properly choose to be her guardian as a person of quality, of fortune, of honour; and who, besides a gallant disposition which inclines men to knight-errantry, that is, to be the champions of ladies in distress, had often declared a violent attachment to herself, and had already given her all the instances of it in his power? History of Tom Jones, a Foundling
  • ALQUIFE, an enchanter in the mediaeval romances of knight-errantry. Redgauntlet
  • It has its longueurs and at times is longsome enough; but it is interesting as a comparison between the chivalry of Al – Islam and European knight-errantry. The Book of The Thousand Nights And A Night
  • 'But, I believe,' he said, 'some genius of officiousness has today taken possession of me, for I began it upon a Quixote sort of enterprise, and a spirit of knight-errantry seems willing to accompany me through it to the end.' Camilla
  • Homemade Wugong, after eight arteries, the target homing road, the celebrity honor roll, lets you understand knight-errant's unique charm fully wonderfully.
  • Partial website is scan through waiting for feeling of knight-errant , talk hypostatic book will enrich website content to the net, and more websites are direct reprint from other station.
  • Through discussion, we can learn the importance that liberty is involved in the progression of the knight-errant literature deeply.
  • Don Quixote imagines himself as a knight-errant. He refuses to see Dr. Carrasco and insists that he is not mentally disturbed.
  • Strangely compounded of religious enthusiasm and political ambition, of the redeless spirit of the knight-errant and the cool calculation of the commercial bandit, these half-military and half-migratory movements of the twelfth and thirteenth centuries mark the beginning of that return of the West upon the East which is so persistent a factor in all modern history. Beginnings of the American People
  • A combination of cowboy and knight-errant, the charro is valiant and skillful. Charreada in Guadalajara
  • Arthurian quests in the name of chivalry, knight-errants fighting for the love and honor of a virtuous woman lose out in these Arthurian storylines to Arthur's subduing of countless lands.
  • The Spanish kings, in conformity to the martial spirit of the times when cards were introduced, were all mounted on horseback, as befitted generals and commanders-in-chief; but their next in command (among the cards) was el caballo, the knight-errant on horseback -- for the old Spanish cards had no queens; and the third in order was the soto, or attendant, that is, the esquire, or armour-bearer of the knight -- all which was exactly conformable to those ideas of chivalry which ruled the age. The Gaming Table : Its Votaries and Victims : Vol. 2
  • In the same way a knight-errant is one who submits his actions to an absolute and severe moral law, so that natural law can maintain abundance on earth with absolute freedom. When Books Collide « So Many Books
  • The superb disdain with which she met the project frightened these poor people, who were not mistaken in their fears that she was meditating what they called knight-errantry. An Historical Mystery

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