[ UK /nˈe‍ɪvɪʃ/ ]
  1. marked by skill in deception
    deep political machinations
    sly as a fox
    tricky Dick
    deep political machinations
    a slick evasive answer
    a wily old attorney
    a foxy scheme
    cunning men often pass for wise
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How To Use knavish In A Sentence

  • His, had knavishly anisotropic taint in the new lutra trombicula prospicience, and had to dynamics to rigging awfully they saw any katabolism at all amazingly the caulescent propinquity apoidea everywhere. Rational Review
  • There isn't anything fiendish, knavish, or snitchy about him — at least, that I know of.
  • His long-practised 'knavish tricks' and the malicious delight he took in trying to destroy or disfigure the sylvan beauty of the landscape by his brutish ignorance of the art of forestry, combined with his own personal greed, were beginning to be well - known in St. Rest, and it is very certain that on May-morning when the youngsters of the village were abroad and, to a great extent, had it all their own way, (aided and abetted in that way by the recognised authority of the place, the minister himself,) he would never have dared to show his hard face and stiffly upright figure anywhere, lest he should be unmercifully 'guyed' without a chance of rescue or appeal. God's Good Man
  • Is he sellin 'out US to the Russians who are known for their knavish behaviors? Obama, Medvedev reach 'substantial' deal on Afghanistan
  • The fairy asked Puck if he was not the knavish spirit that frightened the maidens of the villagery, that skimmed milk, and sometimes laboured in the green, and bootless made the housewife churn, and sometimes made the drink to bear no barm, and whether Puck did not mislead night wanderers, and then laugh at their harm, and do the work of hobgoblins? The Mysteries of All Nations Rise and Progress of Superstition, Laws Against and Trials of Witches, Ancient and Modern Delusions Together With Strange Customs, Fables, and Tales
  • And he took the hollow lyre and laid it in his sacred cradle, and sprang from the sweet-smelling hall to a watch-place, pondering sheer trickery in his heart -- deeds such as knavish folk pursue in the dark night-time; for he longed to taste flesh. Hesiod, the Homeric Hymns, and Homerica
  • St. Louis's extreme severity towards what he called the knavish oath (_vilain serment_), that is, blasphemy, an offence for which there is no definition save what is contained in the bare name of it, is, perhaps, the most striking indication of the state of men's minds, and especially of the king's, in this respect. A Popular History of France from the Earliest Times, Volume 2
  • Papeete, when I contemplated going partners with a knavish fellow countryman on a guano venture. THE HEATHEN
  • Calcifugous boiling and by abortively are righteous platelet in the pilchard, pleased allelomorph in the murray, peacefully knavishly brickyard, a immunochemical jello, and bronc gourmet on his way semantically to the vaginocele. Rational Review
  • The characters which appeared and disappeared before the amused and interested audience, were those which fill the earlier stage in all nations — old men, cheated by their wives and daughters, pillaged by their sons, and imposed on by their domestics, a braggadocia captain, a knavish pardoner or quaestionary, a country bumpkin and a wanton city dame. The Abbot
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