[ UK /kˈɪsɪŋ/ ]
[ US /ˈkɪsɪŋ/ ]
  1. affectionate play (or foreplay without contact with the genital organs)
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How To Use kissing In A Sentence

  • The lady was kissing a little lap dog.
  • Shakespeare to say: "Let the sky rain potatoes, hail kissing comfits, and snow eringoes. Herbal Simples Approved for Modern Uses of Cure
  • Thereupon Shawahi came forward and kissing the ground before the Queen, took the hem of her garment and laid it on her head, saying, O Queen, by my claim for fosterage, be not hasty with him, more by token of thy knowledge that this poor wretch is a stranger, who hath adventured himself and suffered what none ever suffered before him, and Allah (to whom belong Might and The Book of The Thousand Nights And A Night
  • More than 50,000 "kissing fish" have been put into the hot spring pool at the tourist resort of Holiday Beach in Haikou, south China’s Hainan Province. Kissing Fish Therapy | Impact Lab
  • But others of the Muscovite band were fond of congregating at this spot and hour for their lustral summer rites -- white-skinned lads and lasses, matrons and reverent elders, all in a state of Adamitic nudity, splashing about the water of this sunny cover, devouring raw fish and crabs after the manner of the fabled Ichthyophagi, laughing, kissing, saying nice things about God, and combing out each other's long tow-coloured hair. South Wind
  • And she that is by them iudged to haue borne her self beste in that behaulfe, and to haue bene dierest to her husbonde: she in the beste maner and moste gorgeous that she can deuise, triumphing and reioysinge, getteth her vp vpon the funeralle pyle wher her housebandes corps lieth ready to be brente, and ther kissinge and embrasinge the deade body, is burned together with her housebande. The Fardle of Facions, conteining the aunciente maners, customes and lawes, of the peoples enhabiting the two partes of the earth, called Affricke and Asie
  • Jack clasped Maria in his arms and held her to him, kissing her.
  • Today some of the motions of the salute have been omitted; the ‘Recover’ is, however, still symbolic of kissing a Cross.
  • I gulped as they smooched - for quite a long time, too - and wished more than anything that it was me he was kissing.
  • Into the 1960 presidential election, Kissinger was among the adamant critics proclaiming that Eisenhower had neglectfully allowed a “missile gap” to develop with Moscow. Magic and Mayhem
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