[ US /ˈkɪnzi/ ]
  1. United States zoologist best known for his interview studies of sexual behavior (1894-1956)
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How To Use Kinsey In A Sentence

  • There is a moment during a honeymoon visit to Kinsey's dreadful parents when the young professor is laughing with his wife about his father's idiocies, and suddenly Neeson turns his laugh into a rictus of pain.
  • At Indiana, he studied entomology under Alfred Kinsey, later famous for his work on sexology.
  • Dr. [[Alfred Kinsey]] developed a scale that ranks sexual desires from 0-6, describing those desires that are neither exclusively hetero - or homosexual as "ambisexual" or bisexual. Conservapedia - Recent changes [en]
  • Alfred Kinsey was raised by a prig of a father, unkind to his son, his wife and anyone else who got in the way of his bitter view of the world.
  • At the time of the first Kinsey study on sexuality, H.L. Mencken wrote, "All that humorless document really proves is (a) that all men lie when they are asked about their adventures in amour, and (b) that pedagogues are singularly naïve and credulous creatures. Dirty talk? New sex survey's surprising stats
  • But according to a recent report by the McKinsey Global Institute (registration required), these companies pull more than their weight in contributing to the health of the country's economy. What's good for U.S. multinationals ...
  • Now that we finally have a science of human sexuality -- and remember what a struggle this has been for sexology pioneers, such as Alfred Kinsey and Masters & Johnson -- we need a similar science for the rest of the animal kingdom. Frans de Waal: Fellating Female Fruit Bats
  • The Kinsey report had blown taboos out of the water and the hippy movement made free love a political statement.
  • For example, McKinsey alumni Lou Gerstner and Jeff Skillings both went on to lead large corporations. Ron Ashkenas: Can a Consultant Become a Manager, or a President?
  • But what is unusual in McKinsey's survey is the consulting group's willingness to think that the trend of the data depends on how long a slice of time you look at.
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