[ UK /kˈɪləhˌɜːts/ ]
  1. one thousand periods per second
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How To Use kilohertz In A Sentence

  • Most bats emit sonar at ultrasonic frequencies around 20-60 kilohertz (humans hear up to 20 kHz), and this is the range at which hearing moths are most sensitive!
  • `It's a 58 Ol Mark 4. English job, built by Marconi, five kilohertz CORMORANT
  • The sonar that will be used has a frequency of 170 kilohertz and is considered safe for the animals.
  • Clupeid fish, like herring, anchovies, and sprats, can detect sound frequencies up to around 40 kilohertz, way beyond the hearing range of most other fish.
  • Subsequently Jonathan Ashmore, then at Bristol University, measured the speed of the outer-hair-cell motor and showed that it could respond to oscillating voltages at several kilohertz.
  • Modern tubes approach that ideal by drawing power at such high frequencies - tens of kilohertz - that the x-ray output is steady apart from a ripple of a few percent.
  • KHz Kilohertz -- international unit for kilocycle. The Dawn of Amateur Radio in the U.K. and Greece: a personal view
  • Another curious aspect to leopard seal vocalizations is their use of high-pitched clicks up to 165 kilohertz, a frequency far beyond the range of normal human hearing.
  • Kandahar Radio, on 864 kilohertz, has just gone off the air. KARA KUSH
  • I turned the key and punched on the radio and spun the dial to 790 kilohertz.
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