[ US /ˈkɪɫdʒɔɪ/ ]
[ UK /kˈɪld‍ʒɔ‍ɪ/ ]
  1. someone who spoils the pleasure of others
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How To Use killjoy In A Sentence

  • Asylum seeker, economic migrant, bed-blocking, and stakeholder pension reflect the serious side of life; bunny-hugger (a conservationist or animal lover), chick flick (a film appealing to women), gearhead (a car enthusiast), and Grinch (a spoilsport or killjoy) are entries in a more light-hearted vein. Boing Boing: September 22, 2002 - September 28, 2002 Archives
  • It's meant to be a fun for all occasion to take our mind off the advent of Winter, so let's have no killjoys of any description spoiling it for others.
  • Nine tenths of the critical writing about commodity culture could be anthologized under the title Killjoy Was Here; whether the point of view is Marxist alienation or post-structuralist hauteur, it's a given that the critic is monkishly immune to the gratifications involved. Material Girl
  • I have long ago learnt not to over-analyze… it is a killjoy.
  • Customs officers may remain unpopular among smokers and drinkers who see them as killjoys ready to seize over-the-limit alcohol and cigarettes brought back from holidays.
  • Russell is an American creative writing teacher and, at the risk of sounding like a killjoy, her book could do with less ‘style’ and more substance.
  • Killing the fatted calf is another Biblical phrase which ought to act as an antidote to killjoy Christmases.
  • But "killjoy" Royal Mail officials were unimpressed by the colourful upgrade, vowing that they would repaint it in standard Royal Mail red. News round-up
  • And, that great corrupter, the fear that if you don't laugh you will be seen as a prig and a killjoy.
  • Gwyndaf M Hughes, one of the founders of the Welsh Monster Raving Loony Christian Party writes in to tell us how crap all the other parties are, and how voting for a return to a Bible-bashing tea-total nation of morose killjoy whingers is a good thing. Archive 2007-04-01
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