How To Use Kerygma In A Sentence

  • The kerygma is articulated through law and gospel.
  • The process of mutuality begins with valuing the context of God's people in which the kerygma has been preached.
  • Kerygma and Myth: A Theological Debate (New York, 1961), trans - lated from the German, Kerygma und Mythos, Vol. I; Dictionary of the History of Ideas
  • The kerygmatic birth of Jesus into the world from the womb of the apostles 'faith cannot be a substantially different birth from the historical one that took place in Bethlehem, for there is only one Christ Jesus. Mary, Mother of God
  • Something caught my attention in the final message of the Conference of Aparecida—please note that I am not referring to the magnificent Final Document of the Conference, but to the Final Message, a sort of draft of the Final Document written by the Ad Hoc Commission—In this Final Message, different from the later, final document, the Father ends up relegated to an implicit role in the whole opening part, the doctrinal-kerygmatic speaking of Jesus (10 times,) or Lord Jesus (1 time,) or Jesus Christ (4 times.) Liberalism: Sin, Iniquity, Abomination
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  • Discard the myths in which biblical stories are wrapped and hold on to the kerygma to which they point.
  • He is never mentioned in the first part, where Jesus Christ is presented, but later after passing over the doctrinal-kerygmatic moment, in the parenthetical context of the fourth and fifth sections. Liberalism: Sin, Iniquity, Abomination
  • This is simply untrue as kerygma and woefully inadequate for churches to teach as social ethics.
  • This should not be expressed in the terms conditioned by Jewish history and Greek metaphysics, ie to claim that Jesus is the Son of God, as that situates the kerygma in an abandoned cultural context, but perhaps a re-interpretation of Logos theology, concentrating on Jesus as the purpose of God revealed in human form, would be more easily digestible today. Has Spirituality changed since Newton?
  • Some will wear it as a proud and I don't mean prideful badge, a faithful, even kerygmatic public statement. Christopher Cocca: Ash Wednesday And The Value Of Tradition
  • It is theoretically possible for a liberal Christian to be a mythicist (Tom Harpur - then one would not have to deal with the historical Jesus at all but just believe in a Christ of faith), while a number of secular scholars (Maurice Casey, James Crossley, Bart Ehrmann, Gerd Lüdemann, etc.) have had at least some more confidence in the historicity of some of the Gospel traditions that Rudolf Bultmann for whom the kerygmatic Christ was central. Mythunderstanding The Criteria Of Authenticity
  • The kerygmatic statements of the early Christian communities were not always in complete accord (the four canonical Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Who Do Men Say That I Am?
  • It is clear that the fathers were trying to keep a balanced relationship between the kerygma of Jesus and their own historical reality.
  • Their relation sometimes shows that the imperative is no longer the consequence of the indicative, but an inseparable part of the kerygmatic indicative.

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