How To Use Kenosis In A Sentence

  • For Bulgakov, kenosis, the divine self-diminution, is the core revelation of who God is.
  • In Buddhism, the term sunyata is used for Emptiness - and in Christianity the word kenosis is sometimes used.
  • Without this, the kenosis of the Son and the kenosis of conversion to faith in the Son as the revelation of the Father are reduced to groundless, accidental occurrences.
  • God's kenosis is still the centre of our attention.
  • Perhaps what we need most to find true community is a kenosis, a self-emptying not from equality with God, but from our class posturing, from the subtleties of a politics of distinction, and from participation in the rituals of inequality.
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  • This is combined with the notion of kenosis from the Christian tradition, i.e. the idea that God emptied himself in the incarnation, taking a humble human form with all the implied limitations. Archive 2007-11-01
  • It is this understanding of kenosis we shall now seek to apply to God in creation.
  • Chapter 11 is the last in part 3, and applies the notion of kenosis to creation. Archive 2009-05-01
  • It's one thing to identify God as a powerful liberator, another to point to that ‘power’ being in the kenosis / solidarity of Jesus, emptying himself out and taking the form of a slave.
  • Haught directly confronts original sin, the presence of evil and suffering in the universe, the kenosis of God, and the difficulty of reconciling the concept of the soul with the findings of genetic science.
  • Philippians 2:7-8 The concept of self-emptying, known in Christian history by the Greek name kenosis, is common to many of the world's religions. Rev. Dr. Paul Bradley: Step Four: Letting Go to Let in God's Light and Love
  • The kenosis, therefore, is Christ taking on a human nature with all of its limitations, except with no sin.
  • The concept of kenosis is usually applied to the incarnation of Christ. Combinatorial Dependencies
  • Combining this with a belief in inspiration, they recognize that there is a kenosis involved in God's committing His message to human words.
  • The question is whether those of us who are concerned about tradition and innovation in Anglicanism are ready for the needed metanoia and kenosis and thus to be vulnerable in the process.
  • (kenosis), the other that they were hidden during His mortal existence (krypsis). The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume 11: New Mexico-Philip
  • If we take care to see this, if we are canny enough to attend to it and faithful enough to lean into it, then the particular ache of that waking can initiate a response that the Greeks were wont to call kenosis -- an emptying. Scott Cairns: Moments That Wake Us Up
  • It's a learned literary-theological study that suggests not only do the great Russian's novels have a kenotic dimension (kenosis, roughly, is the spiritual emptying of one's will to become receptive to God) but also stresses what Russian Christianity inherited from the apophatic tradition (apophasis, roughly, is an inductive technique used by eastern Christians to demonstrate God's existence). Cross purposes - Guardian
  • Theology has typically confined the concept of kenosis to the incarnation of the Son.
  • Following the principle that what was not assumed cannot be redeemed, Lewis insists that God himself was involved in the kenosis, including the death and burial of Jesus.
  • The question is whether those of us who are concerned about tradition and innovation in Anglicanism are ready for the needed metanoia and kenosis and thus to be vulnerable in the process.
  • The pattern of kenosis applies, not just to the life and death of the Christ, but also to his performance of the divine role of judgment.
  • In some theistic monism thought the principal of kenosis is in play where God is self-limiting with respect to life. Courting the Theists
  • A Buddhist and a Christian think more penetratingly about emptiness and kenosis as a result of their encounter.
  • Herbert appeals to the imagery of divine kenosis.
  • For those of us who fulfill our baptismal call to follow Jesus in and through the sacrament of matrimony, kenosis is the call to a self-emptying or dying to our needs, hopes, and expectations.
  • At the end of one cycle of time, they say, we experience kenosis, an emptying.
  • Living the mystery of kenosis is living for eternal life - a life we cannot fully imagine, the life that God alone gives through the kenosis of Christ and of the Church.

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