How To Use Kenning In A Sentence

  • I like 'Mighty-sinewed chemist's daughter' myself, though I suspect that's not a kenning because it's, y'know. mrissa: Also
  • This is also known as Juneberry or serviceberry depending on where you live and who you learned your kennings from. Narrow window of opportunity
  • Now that the ‘Kodee Kennings’ letters to her father have been revealed as fakes, how does the AP spin the story?
  • The driver, of Kennington Park, London, said he had managed to steer his car onto the hard shoulder when his tyre blew.
  • I like 'Mighty-sinewed chemist's daughter' myself, though I suspect that's not a kenning because it's, y'know. mrissa: Also
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  • We all got off at Kennington, because the train was terminating; he stumbles and falls over onto the other platform.
  • The challenge on behalf of the Kennington Residents adopts some of these grounds and reformulates them from the standpoint of alleged ‘victims’ within the meaning of section 7 of the Human Rights Act.
  • I bussed to Kennington, from where I caught the Northern Line to Embankment.
  • (as witness Colonel Towneley, Mr. Dawson, and many more unfortunate gentlemen on Kennington Common), to say nothing of the burning alive of women for petty treason, -- and to kill a husband or coin a groat were alike Treasonable, -- the Scourging of the same wretched creatures in The Strange Adventures of Captain Dangerous, Vol. 1 of 3 Who was a sailor, a soldier, a merchant, a spy, a slave among the moors...
  • How did it come to be that he, lustrous Kennington, had to instruct these limp-wristed ladies in something he was born knowing? Shortcut Man
  • I like 'Mighty-sinewed chemist's daughter' myself, though I suspect that's not a kenning because it's, y'know. mrissa: Also
  • While Kenning will recover from his attack, it should be remindful of all researchers, hikers and campers to be aware that they are in nature and that even in a tent danger can lurk. Archive 2007-05-01
  • The example that is often trotted out is from Beowulf where the kenning "whale road" is used to mean the sea.
  • Based on the kenning degree of whiting value of grey number, this paper gives a kind of order relations of interval grey number.
  • The American Heritage Dictionary says that window is an example of a type of word called a "kenning" that the Norse loved to invent.
  • Deur middel van 'n duisend projekte dwarsoor die land, word daar in hierdie week gevier en erkenning gegee aan die krag van vennootskap en selfopheffing, aan bemagting en selfverantwoordelikheid - dit alles in diens van die verandering en verbetering van mense se lewens, en die bou van' n nuwe Suid ANC Daily News Briefing
  • Sulke argumente vertoon 'n growwe onverskilligheid teenoor en miskenning van die werklike onreg en lyding wat vervat is in die oorge-erfde rasse-strukture van ons samelewings-instellings. TOESPRAAK DEUR PRESIDENT NELSON MANDELA BY DIE GELEENTHEID TER ONTVANGS VAN 'N ERE-GRAAD VAN DIE UNIVERSITEIT VAN PRETORIA
  • You, I make no doubt, would be kenning the name of an herb in the Latin, and I have but the Gaelic for it, and that's good enough for me; but I ken the use of it as a traveller's friend whenever rains are smirring and mists are blowing. John Splendid The Tale of a Poor Gentleman, and the Little Wars of Lorn

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