[ US /ˈkɛnən/ ]
  1. United States diplomat who recommended a policy of containment in dealing with Soviet aggression (1904-2005)
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How To Use Kennan In A Sentence

  • Any indignity that Villa Kennan chose to inflict upon him he was throbbingly glad to receive, such as doubling his ears inside out till they stuck, at the same time making him sit upright, with helpless forefeet paddling the air for equilibrium, while she blew roguishly in his face and nostrils. CHAPTER XXI
  • Kennan, as one of major diplomats of the Cold War era and the architect of America's containment policy toward the Soviet Union, was clearly an intellectual of historic stature whose views about America's role in the world had helped to shape his country's destiny. Uncontainable
  • In ways that this biography seems not entirely to appreciate, Kennan's far-sighted opposition to American over-militarisation makes his personal career history less gripping than his legacy.
  • The reader should know," writes Henry Kissinger in his lengthy coronation of John Lewis Gaddis's "magisterial" biography of the American foreign-policy seer and remonstrant George Kennan in the November 13 New York Times Book Review, "that for the past decade, I have occasionally met with the students of the Grand Strategy seminar John Gaddis conducts at Yale and that we encounter each other on social occasions from time to time. Jim Sleeper: Henry Kissinger's Grand Strategy Takes a New Turn at Yale
  • For two days he had laired and rested, sleeping much, in the wildest and most inaccessible precincts of the Kennan Ranch. CHAPTER XXXVI
  • Kennan's name is inseparable from the doctrine of containment that influenced American foreign policy throughout the Cold War.
  • They're doing honor to the great home state of Liberace and George Kennan and, more to the point, Fighting Bob La Follette. Ethan Casey: On Wisconsin: The View from Pakistan
  • No reason we shouldn't make a quartette of it," remarked Harley Kennan, as with his own voice he joined in. CHAPTER XXXVI
  • Likewise Michael came to know what Harley Kennan never did know and always denied as existing on his ranch -- the one rocky outcrop, in the dense heart of the mountain forest, where a score of rattlesnakes denned through the winters and warmed themselves in the sun. CHAPTER XXXV
  • The boy and the old man met only once, but the elder Kennan established a career template for the younger. Uncontainable
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