How To Use Ken kesey In A Sentence

  • By the early-60s, following a meeting with the author Ken Kesey, Cassady had become the amphetamine-fuelled driver for Kesey's Merry Pranksters, a troupe of Californian hippies who piled into a brightly painted bus and set out to introduce the mind-expanding properties of LSD to the stuffy straights of middle America. The beatnik and the 'Bulletin: The Flaming Lips' Soft Bulletin sleeve
  • We know he smoked marijuana, but he's hardly an exemplar of the Ken Kesey LSD generation.
  • On a metanarrative level, Ken Kesey himself confronted his personal Western heritage by the writing of Last Go Round.
  • As the well-known novelist Ken Kesey lived in nearby springfield, I borrowed a bicycle, asked directions in downtown Springfield, and rode out to his fartmhouse, and knocked on the door. Show Some Initiative
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