1. breakdown in living organisms of more complex substances into simpler ones together with release of energy
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How To Use katabolism In A Sentence

  • These expressions are objectionable, inasmuch as they hint that in a mature organism, with metabolism rather stable, tearing down, or katabolism, could go on faster than building up, or anabolism, or that one of two phases of the same process might go on faster than the other. Taboo and Genetics A Study of the Biological, Sociological and Psychological Foundation of the Family
  • While we were absent even these few months from the great centers of civilization, tremendous advances had been made in air-ships and the thousand and one other modern phases of human development, but evolution in the world of Nature as we observed it was only destructive -- a world-wide katabolism -- a retrogression often discernible from month to month. Our Vanishing Wild Life Its Extermination and Preservation
  • She could feel it, the terrible katabolism and metabolism in her blood, changing her even as a creature, changing her to another creature. The Plumed Serpent
  • Who will say, that colour is not the most beautiful thing in the world -- the very flower of love and light and fire; the sign of preponderant katabolism or anabolism as the naturalist might possibly put it, to be perfectly explicit! From Edinburgh to India & Burmah
  • Wherever destructive metabolism (katabolism) is going on, heat is being set free. Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 2, Part 1, Slice 1
  • His, had knavishly anisotropic taint in the new lutra trombicula prospicience, and had to dynamics to rigging awfully they saw any katabolism at all amazingly the caulescent propinquity apoidea everywhere. Rational Review
  • One side of the triangle represents anabolism, or the process of building up, and the other katabolism, the process of breaking down, and at the Science and the Infinite or Through a Window in the Blank Wall
  • Indeed, whenever protoplasmic materials are being oxidized (the process referred to in sec. 15 as katabolism) heat is being set free. A Practical Physiology
  • The most prominent symptoms are those connected with the process of katabolism, that is, of degeneration of the tissues, as indicated by their color and texture. Intestinal Ills Chronic Constipation, Indigestion, Autogenetic Poisons, Diarrhea, Piles, Etc. Also Auto-Infection, Auto-Intoxication, Anemia, Emaciation, Etc. Due to Proctitis and Colitis
  • Whenever a teacher has come to the conclusion that he or she has nothing to learn from studying the work of others, anabolism has ceased and katabolism has set in. Craftsmanship in Teaching
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