[ US /ˈkænt/ ]
  1. influential German idealist philosopher (1724-1804)
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How To Use Kant In A Sentence

  • As the world-in-itself-I'd begun, in my sophomore year, to study Immanuel Kant-exists, unattached to us. I'LL TAKE YOU THERE
  • The interface between syntax and pragmatics may in general be summarized in a Kantian apophthegm: pragmatics without syntax is empty; syntax without pragmatics is blind.
  • At least Kant had the virtue of rigid consistency and did not make casuistic exceptions. The Volokh Conspiracy » It’s Official: Kinder, Gentler Military Commissions:
  • Kant's pessimism was based on his conception of the nature of living organisms.
  • To return to the Kantian terms with which we began, heil is linguistic self-affection. Patriot Acts: The Political Language of Henrich von Kleist
  • Adults adopt an essentially Kantian moral perspective that seeks to transcend and judge all conventional moralities.
  • On occasion, when a school of blackfish disported by, each one of them a whale of respectable size, Nishikanta would be beside himself in the ecstasy of inflicting pain. CHAPTER XII
  • Kant defined "disinterestedness in aesthetic appreciation" as fundamental and important characteristics in "Critique of Judgment", which was also seen as the "quality" in beauty.
  • This subtext is also interesting considering how Barry's later opera, The Bitter Tears of Petra von Kant, raises these issues again when dealing with the subject matter of Fassbinder's film and its all female cast. Archive 2006-11-01
  • Such a proposal is distinct from pantheistic notions which equate God with the natural world, because D'Espagnat relegates the natural world - the world of space, time and matter - to what Kant referred to as the 'phenomenal' world, the world produced by the modus operandi of our minds upon the noumenal world. Archive 2009-03-01
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