How To Use Kakemono In A Sentence

  • Usually it is a recess a few feet long and a few inches wide, and over it hangs the finest kakemono that the house can afford, and in front of it is Peeps at Many Lands: Japan
  • The rooms are not encumbered by ornaments; a single kakemono, or fine piece of lacquer or china, appears for a few days and then makes way for something else; so they have variety as well as simplicity, and each object is enjoyed in its turn without distraction. Unbeaten Tracks in Japan
  • A kakemono is intended to be displayed vertically as part of the interior decoration of a room.
  • Rainbows and reptiles at the same time, the compositions rub against each other like kakemonos in a stormy wind.
  • One may follow Woman Decorative in the Orient on vase, fan, screen and kakemono; as she struts in the stiff manner of Egyptian bas reliefs, across walls of ancient ruins, or sits in angular serenity, gazing into the future through the narrow slits of Egyptian eyes, oblivious of time; woman, beautiful in the European sense, and decorative to the superlative degree, on Greek vase and sculptured wall. Woman as Decoration
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  • On awakening he found the figure on the kakemono seemed to be alive.
  • One scroll is hung in the kakemono, and in front of it one ornament, and afterwards a solitary flower. Impressions of a War Correspondent
  • Two kakemono hung in the library of the Ho-o-den, and one hung in Silsbee's dining room.
  • The same is true with his collection of kakemono, which are hung, along with other pictures, in some sort of rotation.
  • The shoji are often beautifully painted, and in each room is hung a kakemono (a wall picture, a painting finely executed on a strip of silk). Peeps at Many Lands: Japan
  • The competition began with more than 270 hopefuls, but many got stung by words such as kakemono and cyamonke (ph). CNN Transcript Jun 2, 2005
  • They have probably never seen the same picture or the same ornament twice in the kakemono. Impressions of a War Correspondent
  • In the alcove hangs a kakemono of exquisite beauty, Unbeaten Tracks in Japan
  • The room through which you enter from the street always has an open door, through which you see houses showing a high degree of material civilization, lofty rooms, handsome altars opposite the doors, massive, carved ebony tables, and carved ebony chairs with marble seats and backs standing against the walls, hanging pictures of the kind called in Japan kakemono, and rich bronzes and fine pieces of porcelain on ebony brackets. The Golden Chersonese and the way thither
  • If a visitor be present in the house, the guest-chamber will be decorated afresh every day, each design showing some new and unexpected beauty in screen, or flower-decked vase, or painted kakemono. Peeps at Many Lands: Japan

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