How To Use Juvenility In A Sentence

  • Conclusion ER, PR and ACTH may be the important pathogeny for the occurrence or in pathological process of breast fibroadenoma of juvenility.
  • The juvenility of theory and practice makes us carry through further theoretic discussion necessarily.
  • The juvenility of theory and practice makes us carry further theoretic discussion necessarily.
  • While this certainly suggests his emotional juvenility, it seems overdone. Times, Sunday Times
  • But for all its juvenility, nobody can deny how deliciously satisfying a slice of this is as a snack or after a meal. Times, Sunday Times
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  • I was disgusted by the juvenility and meanness running through it all.
  • But after a promising start, it partly may be the resurgent series 'slide toward juvenility and direct aim at subteen audiences that robs Tomlin's role of its potential, as Clouseau is prevented from doing or saying much that is truly outrageous to provoke the woman's schoolmarmish wrath.
  • The relative juvenility (in terms of rooting ability, cell division rate, and in vitro responses) of epicormic and basal shoots has been widely reported in forestry species.
  • In their pursuit of youth, men of my generation show some worrying signs of juvenility.
  • The storylines were anything but mature - although this was reasonable considering the characters' juvenility.
  • It simply seems to have been made from the leftovers of yesterday's juvenility.

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