[ UK /d‍ʒˈʌtɪŋ/ ]
[ US /ˈdʒətɪŋ/ ]
  1. the act of projecting out from something
  1. extending out above or beyond a surface or boundary
    the jutting limb of a tree
    his protruding ribs
    massive projected buttresses
    a pile of boards sticking over the end of his truck
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How To Use jutting In A Sentence

  • His foot slipped and he grasped at a piece of jutting tile and dragged himself back to safety.
  • So close was it that the point ripped a gash in the jutting edge of his linen cyclas. The White Company
  • It was a tangle of orange and lemon trees, looped with garlands of roses and flowering creepers, carpeted with a thousand fragrant, old-fashioned flowers, and arboured with grapevines, whose last year's leaves, though sparse, were still russet and gold: altogether a mere bright ribbon of beauty pinned like a lover's knot on a high shoulder of jutting rock. The Guests Of Hercules
  • His body is an angular, jutting emblem of a body uncomfortable everywhere.
  • Already, too, from the piers, it would be able to be seen that the two slaves hung (pg. 426) from the outjutting display beams on either side of the concave bow of the Tais. Renegades Of Gor
  • Jutting out into the northern Mediterranean, the Portofino headland is a piece of natural unspoilt beauty standing hand in hand with some pretty Italian architecture.
  • It's jutting out from the corner of the roof, so it could conceivably be a gargoyle proper or a grotesque.
  • Six miles above the forks, on the west side of the Jefferson, there is a bluff or point of a high plain jutting into the valley to the brink of the river, which bears some resemblance to a beaver's head, and goes by that name. Life in the Rocky Mountains
  • I paused to watch, and a few minutes later, several monkeys emerged from the dense forest and came to sit on a piece of dead wood jutting into the water, eyeing me up inquisitively.
  • Then he jumps to his feet and starts to sing it how he imagines it, clicking his fingers and jutting his chin out.
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