How To Use Judaic In A Sentence

  • I could go into a long screed about Judaic storytelling and narrative techniques and why the concept of Bibilical literalism is problematic, but, like I said, this isn’t really the place, or indeed, the point. Creationism Is For Assholes - :: gia’s blog ::
  • the Judaic idea of justice
  • It can take a secular form, take a Christian form, Judaic form, Hindu Form, with Gandhi and so forth.
  • This new, more cosmopolitan look to kosher is due in part to the growing affluence and influence of American Jews, says Deborah Dash Moore, a historian and director of the University of Michigan's Frankel Center for Judaic Studies. Hip Kosher Cooking
  • Indeed, it makes us see that according to Judaic expectations the Messiah could not come from such an obscure village as, precisely, Nazareth (see also Jn 7: 42). Scripture
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  • I find his Lutheran paddling world of lustless frustration almost as disturbing as Allen's Judaica manias. The new Woody Allen movie: "Vicky Cristina Barcelona."
  • Hence, in "Das Wesen des Christenthums", he regards the theoretical attitude as the only genuinely human attitude, while practice is conceived and fixed only in its dirty- judaical manifestation.
  • Other essays from Eranos appeared in a six-volume collection entitled Judaica published in Germany between Gershom Scholem
  • In her opinion, Judaic biblical laws and tradition are sacred and unchangeable, and Kornfeld's presumptuousness in altering them makes him a pagan.
  • He'd be forced to do a lot of driving for Hairball before implementing the Judaic precept of an eye for an eye. OUTCAST
  • Excuse me, the Torah is the central icon of the Judaic faith. Sound Politics: Oy Vey! That "War On Christmas!"
  • The term anti-Semitism derives from the late nineteenth century, and research into ancient anti-Judaic sentiment dates from the same period. Bloodlust
  • The prohibition of the use of fleshmeat and milk at one meal: the hebdomadary symposium of incoordinately abstract, perfervidly concrete mercantile coexreligionist excompatriots: the circumcision of male infants: the supernatural character of Judaic scripture: the ineffability of the tetragrammaton: the sanctity of the sabbath. Ulysses
  • He also was one of three writers who received an Emmy award for the script of the PBS film "The Precious Legacy," about treasures of Judaica stolen by Nazis for the planned "Museum of an Extinct Race. Arnost Lustig, Holocaust survivor and acclaimed author, dies at 84
  • Franz Kafka, a Judaic writer as famous as Shakespeare, was lonely alive but controversial after away.
  • This year the roving biennial is being held in the southern Spain city of Murcia in an effort to engage the region's blend of Islamic, Judaic and Christian cultural influences. European Art Show Focuses on Muslim World
  • Sometimes my father would come home with pictures of the grandfather rabbis that he had found in the pages of the Encyclopedia Judaica. A Conversation with Nomi Eve, author of The Family Orchard
  • I envied the form-fitting garment that hugged each curve of her Judaic form. Mark C. Miller: The Continuing Adventures of Shlomo Rabinowitz, Jewish Private Eye and Dating Specialist
  • Cited in and see the comprehensive article by Guido Kisch, “The Yellow Badge in History,” Historia Judaica 19 Oct. 1957: 89–146. Bloodlust
  • But whatever they assimilated from other cultures and traditions, they applied in a specifically Judaic context.
  • The Bible in Deuteronomy 14: 3 prohibits eating all abhorrent and unclean things and according to the encyclopedia Judaica, the Bible totally prohibits consumption of blood.
  • He asked me for a ride to the Judaica book store," Mr. Aron told detectives, according to people familiar with his written statement. Suspect Recounts Time With Child
  • If you've ever been inside a Judaica store, you know from which I speak -- monstrous menorahs, krass kiddish cups and flashy door mezuzahs with motion detectors. Rich Siegel: Are Jew Kidding?
  • Of course, judaic organization is not the organization that provides beneficent service forever.
  • To illustrate our role, here is what the Encyclopedia Judaica wrote about Iraqi Jewry: "During the 20th century, Jewish intellectuals, authors, and poets made an important contribution to the Arabic language and literature by writing books and numerous essays. David Harris: Letter from a Forgotten Jew
  • He repudiated his first wife and married a recognised Judaic princess, thereby seeking at least a form of legal sanction.
  • The penal constitutions of the Judaical polity (for so they were, which yet I urge not) concerning idolaters, must be stretched beyond their limits, if you intend to inwrap heretics within their verge. The Sermons of John Owen
  • Death to the talmud, death to the torah, death to the cabbala, death to the Israeli sanhedrin, death to all hassidim, death to rabbinical mishnah nonsense, death to Judaic racism against "Goyim", death to the Palestinian Apartheid Wall of Judaism, death to all of Israel. Bill Maher's Religulous Documentary is Evidently 'Brilliant' «
  • He repudiated his first wife and married a recognised Judaic princess, thereby seeking at least a form of legal sanction.
  • But whatever they assimilated from other cultures and traditions, they applied in a specifically Judaic context.

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