[ US /ˈdʒoʊviən/ ]
  1. of or pertaining to or characteristic of or resembling the planet Jupiter
    Jovian satellites
  2. of or pertaining to or befitting the Roman deity Jupiter
    Jovian wrath
    Jovian thunderbolts
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How To Use Jovian In A Sentence

  • About a fourth of the hold was similarly constructed, in order to bring back minerals whose allotropy required Jovian surface conditions. Three Worlds to Conquer
  • Together, these four planets are sometimes referred to as the Jovian, meaning "Jupiter-like", planets. - Articles related to Moon over... Arizona: Nasa puts its newest space vehicles through their paces in the desert
  • Jovian wrath
  • Shane is, as I have been saying apparently once too often to the long-suffering mollpeartree and jovianconsensus, if anything, "visionist. Kenneth Hite's Journal
  • A ideia mais aceite é a que de nove, o sistema solar passará a ter doze planetas - os telúricos (mercúrio, vénus, terra e marte) e os jovianos (júpiter, saturno, urano e neptuno) - oito planetas clássicos, os plutões (plutão, caronte e ub313), e o asteróide ceres, que passa a integrar a categoria de planeta. Leituras
  • My major issue now is that Ceres is not compositionally very similar to the outer solar system objects, so this "pluton" designation is different than our "jovian" and "terrestrial" designations. Pluto spam
  • The fragments struck the Jovian surface with such force that the scars can still be seen today. Times, Sunday Times
  • There were no cameras aboard, so scientists could not say exactly what a plunge into the Jovian atmosphere looks like.
  • Jovian thunderbolts
  • This incomplete separation of ice and rock makes Titan less like Jupiter's moon Ganymede, where ice and rock have fully separated, and perhaps more like another Jovian moon, Callisto, which is believed to have a mixed ice and rock interior. Elites TV
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