How To Use Johannes kepler In A Sentence

  • For similar reasons, most people, especially most who believe in Heaven, also consider Heaven, or whatever, as a special kind of supernal real estate, as Owen Gingerich, author of the foreword to a recent English edition of Johannes Kepler's LaRouche's Latest
  • The concept of space sails dates back the 16th century, when German astronomer Johannes Kepler first came up with the idea of using the sun's energy to propel objects through space.
  • The story of the transits of Venus begins in 1627, just three years before the death of the German astronomer Johannes Kepler.
  • Famed astronomer Johannes Kepler noticed that comet tails always point away from the sun, implying that sunlight itself was pushing them around like cosmic windsocks.
  • The existence of two Martian moons was predicted around 1610 by Johannes Kepler, the astronomer who derived the laws of planetary motion.
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  • Often considered the stuff of science fiction, sailing through space was suggested 400 years ago by astronomer Johannes Kepler who observed comet tails blown by the solar wind.
  • Agilent Technologies Inc. (NYSE: A) and the Johannes Kepler University of Linz will sponsor the X. Annual Linz Winter Workshop from Feb. 15-19, 2008, on the University of Linz campus in Austria.
  • German astronomer Johannes Kepler used these modern logarithms to calculate the orbit of Mars at the start of the 17th century.
  • Johannes Kepler was a German mathematician and astronomer who discovered three key laws that govern planetary motion.
  • Johannes Kepler formulated the laws of planetary motion, but died in relative poverty and obscurity in 1631.
  • Now known as Kepler's supernova remnant, this object was first seen 400 years ago by sky watchers, including famous astronomer Johannes Kepler.
  • Since Johannes Kepler's supernova was spotted in 1604, astronomershaven't witnessed one in our own galaxy.

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