How To Use Jimmy stewart In A Sentence

  • Shucks Bizrobrain [toe kicks dust like jimmy stewart] Think Progress » Tennessee Mosque Vandalized After Local TV Station Airs Irresponsible Report On ‘Homegrown Jihad’
  • He is married to Aggie, incapacitated with a broken leg, like Jimmy Stewart in Rear Window.
  • I want an angel to swoop down like he does to Jimmy Stewart...
  • It took stars like John Wayne, Gary Cooper, Clark Gable, and Jimmy Stewart to depict that race of men—and epics like Stagecoach, High Noon, and The Philadelphia Story.
  • The star system may have become more subtle since the days of Clark Gable and Jimmy Stewart, but it's still a system: American actors are supposed to be more steady persona, less shape shifter.
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  • Jimmy Stewart finally dodders onstage in a dark gray suit and dark-rimmed glasses. AS SEEN ON TV: JIMMY STEWART
  • As to those who see Hepburn, Hope and Peck's shuffling off into the hereafter as the absolute end of old Tinseltown, I felt that way when Robert Mitchum and Jimmy Stewart hung up their spurs within 24 hours of each other.
  • That and the fact that Jimmy Stewart was a serious hottie in his younger years…
  • Watch the based-on-a-real-memoir “Cowboy” with Jack Lemmon or “3:10 to Yuma”; both show off a quality that he shared with Jimmy Stewart in their oater roles, that of men whose thin veneer of control or conventionality could be stripped away in a moment. 100 Mysteries: the Green Glove – The Bleat.
  • Jimmy Stewart’s self-consciously down-to-earth writer in The Philadelphia Story thinks he has rich Katherine Hepburn pegged from the beginning, but by the end, he’s not so sure; Hepburn’s high-toned brittleness is something of a façade, her ex-husband Cary Grant shows the sort of cunning that other screwball comedies might have assigned to an average Joe, while her up-by-his-bootstraps fiancé, played by John Howard, proves a rather dull fellow indeed. Archive 2008-09-01

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