How To Use Jillion In A Sentence

  • There are a bajillion websites that purport to interpret dreams, but most of them appear to utilize the scientific method commonly referred to as "guessing."
  • It 's possible: Rembrandt, Pollack and Warhol all sold on the street before they got their 15 jillion minutes of fame. Sidewalk Impressionism
  • Here on the Front Range, we get jillions of the little guys every spring.
  • I'm a little sleepy and uploading these pics is taking a bajillion years so I'll leave this lot to amuse you for now and resume broadcasting tomorrow at some decent hour.
  • I will be staying with my family and I have jillions of relatives including many young nieces and nephews.
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  • When you compare it to previous wars, the Second World War, the Vietnam War, a jillion other wars, civilian casualties were very low.
  • And I ask you this speaking as a guy and knowing that you've probably asked this question a bajillion times yourself.
  • All the fish have mommies and daddies and grandmas and grandpas all the way back for a jillion years.
  • There are a bajillion catfish restaurants in Hot Springs!
  • Eddie's commitment issues are nothing that we haven't seen a bajillion times before in other, better movies, and we really don't learn anything else about him.
  • It was very successful and we had jillions of people out there.
  • I have a gazillion bajillion things on my To Do List and not much time to do it in.
  • If your thing is the giant multi-room warehouse experience with laser lights, dancers on pedestals and a kajillion-watt sound system, there's Glow every Saturday at Fur. Nightlife Agenda
  • One blog that is getting a bajillion comments is the ever-provocative CodeBlueBlog.
  • Hanks plays the part of Chuck Noland, a troubleshooting exec with FedEx, obsessed with all those jillions of packages being delivered at the time promised.
  • Last year's MNF show aside, if he throws for a jillion yards, it generally means that the Eagles are in BIG trouble. Elizabeth Engel: LOLskins, Indeed
  • Leo was really "minging," as he told us about a goddamn jillion times, and was walking slow as hell as we wandered down the street waiting for a cab to show up. TravelStream™ — Recent Entries at
  • Here's a bunch of limo liberals lecturing us about the evils of climate change, telling us how WE must cut back, and all the while they live in mansions, make millions upon millions a movie, while the movie sets they work on use kajillions of watts of electricity 24/7. Archive 2007-02-01
  • About a jillion and a half oat eaters have been made in the area. Durango, Durango
  • It is amazing to me that there can be numerous health care plans in Congress plus a jillion speeches on the topic by the President and not once does anyone mention “torts.” Coyote Blog » 2009 » September
  • But, between the ga-jillion dollars the Dark Knight made, the ga-jillion dollars that Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince will make and the potential of Terminator Salvation, I think WB will be fine money wise. Watchmen suit settled … so now what?
  • Josh recently sold his first screenplay for a jillion dollars.
  • Parents like me who've seen these episodes a bajillion times may know better, but I consider it misleading when only one of the four episodes on the DVD has anything to do with Christmas.
  • It's an interesting fact that there are literally umpty-twelve kajillion articles in magazines like Hopeless Alcoholic, Failed Poet, and Parental Disappointment Monthly that tell one how to deal with the life of rejection and despair that comes with trying to break into one's chosen field as a writer. Red Room: Gail Simone: Survival Tips for the Newbie Writer
  • So if that's the lie of the year, then the federal budget is 50 kajillion dollars. Jason Stanford: Rick Perry's Iowa Concession Speech
  • There is this humungous king-sized bed with a bajillion pillows with monograms on them, and this huge Victorian chair and the biggest flatscreen ever.
  • But here's the flipside: jillions of relationships do morph from platonic to romantic every day.
  • I have learned a ba-jillion lessons from my struggles. Revolution and Evolution, Part 1 | Johnny B. Truant
  • I really think - and I've told you a jillion times - the women called the last election and the one before that.
  • All the fish have mommies and daddies and grandmas and grandpas all the way back for a jillion years.
  • There will be workmen to supervise, a jillion wine glasses and bits of china to organize and store, etc.
  • That must have taken a bajillion years.
  • There's no reason you have to help huge, bajillionaire companies fatten up their bank accounts.
  • Whether it's millions, billions, trillions or bajillions, the dollar figures are so obscenely high that they no longer have any real understandable value.
  • I'm tired of having to follow a jillion plot points and trying to keep track of it all, and yearn for the 'good ol days' of done in ones ... and comics are so serious now. That’s where the money is | Robot 6 @ Comic Book Resources – Covering Comic Book News and Entertainment
  • Even with jillions of Shrek 2 DVD's selling, they'll still be smarting from the thud-in-waiting of Father of the Pride and the wiffle-to-be Shark Tale.
  • God also gave them a jillion extra gigabytes in their gray-matter computers; for them, thought becomes action before they think to act.
  • Then maybe I'll make a jillion copies of my fake parking ticket thingies at Office Max and give them away to you people.
  • I agree with this eleventeen fucktillion bajillion percent! Maximizing graduate opportunities
  • A jillion dollar Nikon or Canon still knows nothing about good light.
  • I feel like I should post about my weekend and reply to a bajillion comments, but I'm going to bed soon.
  • In Pittsburgh, over the past few decades, the city and state have dumped a kajillion dollars into the Fifth/Forbes corridor. Matthew Yglesias » Tax Increment Financing
  • You remember when MTV was new and they played ‘Video Killed The Radio Star’ about a jillion times.
  • Maranga said that the student society is hoping to build upon the success that UBC had with their U-Pass referendum, where about a bajillion students voted online.
  • She's published a bajillion books, and with more no doubt in the works has decided to use the web as the forum for her latest thoughts.
  • Why is he telling us that his jillions of readers have a question?
  • Her decision to leave semi-permanent residence in Japan was an emotional, sentimental time for Joan and her jillions of friends and fans here.
  • And Oprah, of course, refers to the show on which Zuckerberg announced his upcoming donation, thereby multiplying its value by about a kajillion, and also to whom the heretofore very private Zuckerberg gave a tour of his house, throwing in a kiss of his girlfriend for the cameras. How evil is Facebook?
  • There's a jillion of them out there, the most well-known of which is John Frieda's.
  • Times Square with its kajillion tourists probably has more cameras per capita than anywhere in the solar system. The Volokh Conspiracy » Times Square bombing — where were the cameras?
  • Abandoned canines are always more "interesting" than their mama-loved-me cousins, and adoption scores you a jillion brownie points. Finding Fido
  • You mean, Britney isn't really worth a jillion dollars?
  • Ever since the trip to downtown last Saturday, I've wanted to return to a busy place, where you can walk and absorb a bajillion things at once, make impulse buys from toy vendors, and eat hot dogs of mysterious origins.
  • The hours had flown by, and the sky which had been bright and blue when we first met was now filled with a bajillion stars and a giant full moon.
  • They only know one thing and that’s that the last time we were at this juncture, a little thing called a videocassette or a CD or a pay-per-view movie made the studios and those conglomerates 18 gajillion billion dollars. Buzzine » Tom Hanks Interview
  • We've written about them only a kajillion times over the past year as they've shown up at parties and cafes with TV cameras in tow, but let's meet them -- and the other housewives -- again! Meet the so-called "Real Housewives of D.C." (photos)
  • Reply electricity can be generated a bajillion ways, but i wish to god there was some way to make steel w/o coal sb We Prefer Feeling Bad When It’s Too Late « Gerry Canavan
  • I bet these cost eleventy bajillion dollars but how BEAUTIFUL are they? via outblush. com In the life of
  • In fact, you shy people, there are jillions of people out there to help you, if you just (first step!) find the guts to ask.

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