How To Use Jiffy In A Sentence

  • Please wait half a jiffy.
  • I opened up the jiffy bag and inside were four pink hard back tomes with some strange alien language on the cover.
  • We're told that anyone who can get the knack of skating can get the hang of snowblades in a jiffy.
  • She conjured up a whole meal in a jiffy.
  • Decorations often take up quite a bit of time at home, but the experts do it in a jiffy, for they have a range of colourful festoons and sprightly buntings in stock, all ready to be hung up at the party venue.
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  • And in yet another jiffy he was standing on the very edge of the great big dark Forest of Sin!
  • Once we get there, I'll have your ride fixed up in a jiffy.
  • The rapidly absorbed mist means you can be out of the door in a jiffy. Times, Sunday Times
  • The job is done in a jiffy. Times, Sunday Times
  • He can memorise in a jiffy series of unassociated names listed by number and recall them by number and vice-versa.
  • Everything from seed trays and lids, plug trays and labels to Jiffy 7s and widgers.
  • Blatheration!" exclaimed my chum, smacking the butt of his rifle on the deck and making the petty officer who was on the other side of the hatchway jump round in a jiffy, looking marline-spikes in our direction. Young Tom Bowling The Boys of the British Navy
  • They did enjoy every minute of it, sitting in Santa's lap and grinning from ear to ear as Santa's assistants clicked them on Polaroid cams and handed over the framed snaps in a jiffy.
  • Just lie down here for a few minutes until I can procure a fly, and I will have you there in a jiffy.
  • It's some weird bug, and I'm sure it'll be fixed up in a jiffy.
  • If one wanted a different look, perspective or elevation, it's done in a jiffy on readymade steel frames by hundreds of skilled workers at hand.
  • Uh - huh. We'll be there in a jiffy.
  • This is the sort of movie that will either keep you enthralled at each moment or send you to sleep in a jiffy.
  • But a scolding from Ms. Gopi did the trick, and every one, child and parent, hastened to set matters right, and cleared the litter in a jiffy.
  • Doing them in peat pots or jiffy plugs is the best way to go, as you don't disturb the roots when planting them out.
  • Recommended software upgrades can be brought down in a jiffy.
  • It passes in a jiffy when you are reading a newspaper or watching a film. The Sun
  • He can memorise 60 digit numbers in a jiffy and recite them forwards and backwards.
  • The bed folds in a jiffy
  • As box-office receipts have proven that he is no longer infallible, it should be a breeze to walk up to him and become his friend in a jiffy!
  • He drew the final version of the winning poster with a combination of jiffy marker pens and acrylic paints, after working on rough drafts in pencil.
  • True to a kids' art forms, I use pastels, pencil crayons and the great unsung medium of Jiffy markers.
  • If you have athlete's foot, you need to go see a chemist and get an antifungal cream, which will clear it up in a jiffy.
  • After all, it's the very industry that gave us the concept of ‘quick and dirty’ - you know, solutions conjured up in a jiffy to meet the pressing needs of customers.
  • I've made it from scratch, made it from the Jiffy box, made it like Marie Calendar's by mixing yellow cake mix and cornbread mix (serve with honey butter!), and recently made some "Confetti Corn Muffins" (the confetti is the red bell peppers and green jalapenos), and I have to say, corn bread is great in every form! Let the Cornbread Wars Begin!
  • It emerged yesterday that all three letter bombs were contained in Jiffy bags and were of similar construction.
  • He conjured up a whole meal in a jiffy.
  • Uh - huh. We'll be there in a jiffy.
  • On display was the Honda fireblade, a 929 cc, four - cylinder bike that can propel the rider to a top speed of 280 km per hour in a jiffy.
  • Once recycled, the directories could find themselves whole new leases of life as fillings for loft insulation, packaging materials, jiffy bags, egg boxes and animal bedding.
  • I can run like the wind and'ave your man here in a jiffy, guv 'nor," one of the watchers offered. WHOLE SECRET LOVE
  • He possesses a mean pull stroke, and does use his feet to the spinners, often clearing the ground in a jiffy.
  • Blog surfers can sniff out insincerity in a jiffy.
  • In a jiffy, Poetry and I were back outside, and with him holding the ladder and with me all trembling inside, but not too nervous to climb, I went up that ladder, hand over hand, and in less than a half-dozen worried jiffies, had our swing board off the chimney and tossed it out into a snow drift. Shenanigans at Sugar Creek
  • Maintenance Man tells me he'll be up to my office in a jiffy.
  • That ruffles feathers on a council whose performance most Monday nights, let's be honest, will fix the insomnia that's troubling you in a jiffy.
  • In a jiffy I had slipped over the side and curled up in the foresheets of the nearest boat, and almost at the same moment she shoved off. Treasure Island

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