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  • Haley Barbour on Monday issued his strongest language yet on … Video: Jesse Jackson rallies with Ohio Teamsters … Report Abuse Union "collective bargaining" is a term straight out of Communist philosophy. Yahoo! News: Business - Opinion
  • Anyone else think Jesse Jackson Jr is a punk? treeofliberty Kill The Bill. | RedState
  • When I said the word nuts, which is what Jesse Jackson actually did say that we knew at that time, I was not bleeped. CNN Transcript Jul 22, 2008
  • Michelle grew up knowing useful people: she was chummy with Jesse Jackson's daughter and even baby-sat his son when she was a teenager.
  • That's not a question but if you can make one out of it I think it would make for a freakin 'dynamite opportunity to slam Jesse Jackson good. 02/21/2005
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  • He was an infant when Jesse Jackson ran for president and during the anti-apartheid mobilizations of the late 1980s.
  • At first the plan backfired -- with Richard Gephardt, Al Gore, and Michael Dukakis dividing the white vote, the surprise beneficiary of the first Super Tuesday was Jesse Jackson -- but it did succeed in cramping the hopes of Carter-style insurgents by denying them time to capitalize on early successes in the small states. The Elite Primary
  • Jesse Jackson descended upon Hollywood to protest the almost total absence of black and minority nominees.
  • Grandmaster Melle Mel was so enamoured of the idea of a black president he recorded Jesse to boost Jesse Jackson's ill-fated run for the Democratic presidential nomination in 1984.
  • The Reverend Jesse Jackson apologizing to Senator Barack Obama for making what he calls crude comments that were picked up by a live television microphone. CNN Transcript Jul 10, 2008
  • Jesse Jackson could not restrain himself from winging to Santa Maria.
  • The biggest ruckus occurred when Jesse Jackson walked into the corral set aside for the media and hundreds started moving with cameras outstretched, upstretched, and flashing on and off. Dal LaMagna: Thousands Protest in D.C...
  • Obama said he did not take the remarks personally, but called them "historically inaccurate", citing past African American presidential candidates like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton.
  • The latest bleat seems to be: those Democrats, that Jesse Jackson, they have unclean hands and double standards.
  • The first she calls assailing, where I'm rough on Carl Sagan and Jesse Jackson, Mario Cuomo, Teddy Kennedy, Lowell Weicker, Elizabeth Taylor and so on; then analyzing specific problems, I hope shrewdly. Happy Days Were Here Again: Reflections of a Libertarian Journalist
  • Jesse Jackson, a long term civil rights activist, was overcome by emotion as the victory was announced, and tears of joy streamed down his face.
  • (Sadly, Jesse Jackson, Jr., though he appears to not have been involved in corruption, is now too tainted in the public memory as candidate #6 or whatever to have a viable chance at filling the seat.) Matthew Yglesias » Darrel Thompson Sure Can Quit Burris
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  • What's on the ballot is the American dream, what's on the ballot is what Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton marched for," Kerry said. October 2004
  • Jesse Jackson has yet again apologized for his comments in a statement: The View Ladies Dress in Presidential Halloween Costumes, October 31 (Picture)
  • His friend, Reverend Jesse Jackson, says the pop star is in what he termed excruciating pain and anxious about the verdict. CNN Transcript Jun 6, 2005
  • The Reverend Jesse Jackson today arrived in New Orleans delivering busloads of people who fled the city weeks ago.
  • ROCKFORD - The Rev. Jesse Jackson said the 30-day suspension of a Rockford police officer involved in the 2009 shooting death of an unarmed man was a "mere slap on the wrist. News
  • Jesse Jackson descended upon Hollywood to protest the almost total absence of black and minority nominees.
  • He is a Jesse Jackson wannabe; aphony who made tons of money and fame on the big lie. Talking about "non-Barack-backing blacks" in January 2007.
  • Jesse Jackson descended upon Hollywood to protest the almost total absence of black and minority nominees.
  • Reverend Jesse Jackson is apologizing for what he calls crude and hurtful comments about Barack Obama. CNN Transcript Jul 9, 2008
  • Jackson's son, Rep. Jesse Jackson III, is hyperactively seeking the Senate seat vacated by Barry/Barack. Marian's Blog
  • I'm not saying that Bill and Hill or their surrogates are actively "agitating" in this direction (so Clinton folks, don't get your undies in a bunch); but there seems to be a growing statistical basis for the winking suggestion (should anyone wish to make it) that Obama is "little more" than Jesse Jackson on steroids. Rasmussen: Obama Ahead By 14 In Racially-Polarized Mississippi Primary
  • What the terms do not evoke is the roistering figure of Pancho Villa, who would be as out of place among a group of spike-helmeted Prussian militarists, as Jesse Jackson at an Aryan Nations rally. Pancho Villa as a German Agent...
  • Jesse Jackson has had entree to those countries and could be perceived as giving comfort to them.
  • Because he is a race-baiter just like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. Obama: Virginia governor's slavery omission 'unacceptable'

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