How To Use Jerry-built In A Sentence

  • The jerry-built explosive device in the Times Square plot, while dangerous, was described by multiple law enforcement officials and outside experts as of unsophisticated, even amateurish design. Police Find Owner of SUV Used in Bomb Plot
  • The bases are ungainly, jerry-built settings that playfully complement the divalike trees.
  • It was in another jerry-built craft, the 51-foot, three-mast Son of Town Hall, that Mr. Neutrino succeeded in crossing the Atlantic, casting off from Newfoundland with his wife, two companions and three dogs. Unmoored on Land, an Adventurer at Sea
  • The President is not merely proposing to impose his jerry-built system on soldiers captured on the battlefield, however.
  • He builds what he calls a conservatory in the back garden, but in reality it's a jerry-built shed with windows. Broken Music, A Memoir
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  • North Korea has the added attraction that its jerry-built missiles are the primary public targets of America's National Missile Defense.
  • One friend in the Humvee was already dead from the blast of the jerry-built 90 mm mortar round, and one would die later.
  • Anyway, this isn't like spraying paint on a bridge, it's like quickly adding an extra, slightly jerry-built span – which I think would be witty, if less deliverable by aerosol. Vandalising an old master is bad, but not quite as evil as queue-jumping | David Mitchell
  • If he is not our "worst president," as Donald Trump would have it, his sweeping domestic initiatives—especially his stimulus package and health-care reform—were so jerry-built and high-handed that they generated a virtual revolution in America's normally subdued middle class. Obama's Unspoken Re-Election Edge
  • Regardless of the origins of the terms jerry-built and jury-rigged, the fact of the matter is that the term jerry-rigged was used by American troops to describe the shoddy state of German equipment in the last years of the war. Comic Book Urban Legends Revealed #139 | Comics Should Be Good! @ Comic Book Resources
  • Deep in a disused Amtrak tunnel beneath the west side of Manhattan, homeless men and women inhabited jerry-built huts, living off scraps and siphoning electricity to cook and brighten the way. The Subterranean Homelessness Blues
  • Despite the work's jerry-built appearance, it exuded an internal order that is both erudite and sophisticated.
  • Yet none of this means that the show, endearingly old-fashioned as it is, can be dismissed as jerry-built or, worse yet, geriatric.
  • The early, jerry-built propeller planes transformed into air-cushioned jetliners, then powerful jumbo jets. Allison Silver: '20th Century Travel': Faster, Better, Democratized (PHOTOS, POLL)
  • Despite the work's jerry-built appearance, it exuded an internal order that is both erudite and sophisticated.
  • The people living in small, jerry-built houses in the adjacent villages were easy victims of the waves.
  • The works, while clear, are also ambiguous; a number look ramshackle, jerry-built, jumbled - even chaotic.
  • Admit it now, the case against Deirdre is a jerry-built thing. DEATH OF A NYMPH
  • Although many buildings are no longer made of wood which is too expensive and hard to maintain, Japanese cities still look a little jerry-built, rather like movie sets, as though in anticipation of impermanence—less like Manhattan, more like Los Angeles. Japan's Shattered Mirror
  • There were a few parishioners hunched in contemplation near the jerry-built box of boards and blankets in which he heard confessions. THE LAST REPORT ON THE MIRACLES AT LITTLE NO HORSE: A NOVEL
  • Again due to a housing shortage, the jerry-built houses spread in all directions, especially on the outskirts of Seoul.
  • mean little jerry-built houses
  • It's a vast improvement over the jerry-built box speakers through which the New World Symphony used to pipe its concerts to the Lincoln Road Mall. Gehry Leaves the Risks to the Kids
  • He explained how ‘Murphy kept driving the jerry-built contraption until the wheels came off.’
  • Like one of the postwar megastructures Hatherley cherishes, it may be a bit jerry-built in places, but it is bold and original, and it may change how you see British cities. A Guide to the New Ruins of Great Britain by Owen Hatherley – review
  • The old jerry-built compilation strung together 27 different computer systems worldwide, most of which couldn't talk with the others.
  • In contrast, say, to the Museum of Scotland, the new parliament building is going up as fast as a block of jerry-built flats.
  • Forms the sharp contrast with this is the State Theater and such the luxurious project and the jerry-built projects.
  • Irish football is traditionally ridiculed but it was the side representing Scotland which was lightweight and jerry-built.
  • The jerry-built result predictably leaves the show dependent on the songs, the production values, and the performers.
  • They were jerry-built in the Victorian era, and then nearly shaken to bits during the Blitz. THE AMBASSADOR'S WOMEN

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