How To Use Jeremiad In A Sentence

  • If I really wanted to turn this into a jeremiad, I could hold forth on that for a while.
  • Two critics who call the book a "Jeremiad" ultimately gave it a positive review.
  • Borrow’s “Jeremiad,” to the effect that he had been beslavered by the venomous foam of every sycophantic lacquey and unscrupulous renegade in the three kingdoms. Travels through France and Italy
  • I am saddened to add my jeremiad to the list of protestations at your coverage.
  • Of course all these jeremiads sound familiar: Marriage is always in flux.
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  • Graying means paying, to quote one of the new jeremiads.
  • The present is thus perceived as that period of declension that is the subject of the jeremiad.
  • The New Yorker today is just as willing to publish a barely illustrated, three-part, 30,000-word jeremiad on climate change as founding editor Harold Ross was happy to devote an entire issue to one article on the aftermath of the Hiroshima bombing. Good Magazine: The 51 Best Magazines Ever
  • Any effort to exorcise these tendencies from the outside is, therefore, futile; it only gives rise to moralistic sermons and rhetorical jeremiads.
  • Plain Talk with the authorship, alleging that the internal evidence showed that none but that veteran old croaker could have penned such a jeremiade -- yet, for all this, the stone stood. The Confidence-Man
  • In fact the only time the prose develops any consistency of ‘edge’ is in the repeated jeremiads against contemporary society.
  • In the remembrance, and in contrasting that all-so-long-ago with the times in which we live, I could write a jeremiade upon "Conversation as a Lost Art. Marion Harland's autobiography : the story of a long life,
  • Waves of immigrants from Canada and Europe provoked jeremiads bemoaning the demise of New England's Anglo-Puritan colonial heritage.
  • All of the above were duly cited, along with appropriate jeremiads about ‘we have become like Sodom.’
  • From him he heard a voluble flow of words dealing with regrets, expressions of disgust, one lament after the other, a jeremiade on hard times, maledictions hurled at dilatory creditors, infinite consolation — and empty advice. Gänsemännchen. English
  • His jeremiad sounds a generational alarum: The days of isolated, tormented, anti-commercial white male geniuses are done and done.
  • It does not confirm the jeremiads of the cultural critics.
  • When European journalists and intellectuals aren't relishing the latest windy jeremiad by one of these cranks, they're busy congratulating themselves for their appreciation of nuance.
  • It helpfully reasserts the book's argument; and by its resort to invective — "jeremiad," "screeds," "emotionally gratifying," "capitalist hobgoblins," etc. — his letter offers an instructive insight into Reich's own thought processes. 'Supercapitalism': An Exchange
  • But their antiintellectual jeremiads, not the professors they vilify, are the real threat to academic freedom today.
  • America has a grand tradition of the "jeremiad," a form named after the prophet Jeremiah who was sent to tell a nation to repent before it was too late. Briallen Hopper: Obama and the Apocalypse: A Religious Response to the BP Oil Spill
  • I am saddened to add my jeremiad to the list of protestations at your coverage.
  • They differ in almost every other respect, but in these shared interests they both belong to the ancient and always fascinating genre of the jeremiad.
  • Keillor’s jeremiad is wrong on so many levels, and proceeds from a place of such monumental self-regard and fundamental misinformation, that a proper rebuttal would require an entire afternoon and a minimum of ten double-spaced pages. Publishing vs. that guy with the voice I can’t stand
  • The other is what historians call the bracing “jeremiad” tradition of harsh warnings that reveal a faith that America can be better than it is. How America Can Rise Again
  • Mark's posting on Camille Paglia's charges of decline in attention is right on the mark - this is just an antique jeremiad in new packaging.
  • Eminem may fit into that tradition of lyrical catharsis and boulevard jeremiads, but he certainly didn't create it.
  • Their jeremiads yearn for an airbrushed 50's America that never really existed.
  • It is compelled to confess the recent advance of evangelical doctrines in the German mind, but sees only evil in the fact, and utters this jeremiade: "This church sentiment, which has seized upon the whole of the _noblesse_ in North History of Rationalism Embracing a Survey of the Present State of Protestant Theology
  • Graff assembles other quotations in the same vein, and goes on to add, wryly, ‘The funny thing, of course, is that those jeremiads were right.’
  • Indeed, there is not only irony but danger in offering such a public jeremiad against jeremiads.
  • The audience went wild at the end of Adrian Noble's production of Pericles - maybe as a response to all the recent anti-RSC jeremiads.
  • The whole of the first act consists of one emphatic jeremiad by Cicero, about the desperate condition of Rome as it then was, its factiousness, its servility, -- a jeremiad which is continued at the end of the act, by the chorus, in rhymed stanzas. The Critics Versus Shakspere A Brief for the Defendant
  • Who says calling up the local hub and filling up the whole fifteen-minute block of the operator's voicemail with a howling spoken word jeremiad about FRAUD and LIES doesn't get you anywhere? Nick Mamatas' Journal
  • In 1980, George W.S. Trow, a veteran New Yorker staff writer and one of the founding editors of The National Lampoon, published a 25,000-word jeremiad decrying the evils of television. The Shame of No Shame: Fawning, Sniping in Media Land
  • I curled up with Nash's couplets, quatrains, limericks and occasional jeremiads.
  • The expectation of jeremiad is so deeply ingrained in Americans’ political consciousness that it might seem to be universal. How America Can Rise Again
  • Her Book of the City of Ladies was conceived as a direct riposte to Jean de Meung's jeremiads.
  • The Great Gatsby" is a kind of jeremiad (as any student of Bercovitch's will tell you). NYT > Home Page
  • I curled up with Nash's couplets, quatrains, limericks and occasional jeremiads.
  • I curled up with Nash's couplets, quatrains, limericks and occasional jeremiads.
  • a jeremiad against any form of government

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