How To Use Jerboa In A Sentence

  • Macalister says that the muscle is especially developed in leaping animals such as the kangaroo, jerboa, macrocelides.
  • Both gerbils and jerboas play an important role in the biological functioning of the clay desert. Central Asian northern desert
  • At the same time typically desert species such as jerboas (Pygerethmus, Pygerethmus pumilio), can be met. Kazakh upland
  • The family Dipodidae includes the birch mice, jumping mice, and jerboas, a total of around 51 species in 15 genera.
  • However most rodent workers seem to favour the use of the family-level name Zapodidae for birch mice and jumping mice, with Dipodidae restricted to jerboas proper. Archive 2006-03-01
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  • As the new-comer got on his feet again my hope gained new life, and now our jerboa is my delight. Scientific American Supplement, No. 841, February 13, 1892
  • There are also several species of the small, rodent-like mammals called jerboas (family Zapodidae) that inhabit the Junggar Basin. Junggar Basin semi-desert
  • The jerboa fluttered her paws at them, the tall turban atop her head threatening to collapse at any moment. The Lives of Felix Gunderson
  • (most seriously) "jerboa," all small animals, even a medium-sized wallaby might seem large by contrast with a different expectation. VERBATIM: The Language Quarterly Vol IX No 3
  • Dr. Jonathan Baillie, who led the trip, said that jerboas were "the Mickey Mouse of the desert," extremely cute and comical. Creatiary
  • a marsupial which lives in thick, dark forests, where it feeds upon leaves and fruit; and the tarsier, a kind of jerboa, a very harmless, inoffensive little animal with reddish-coloured hair, about the size of a rat, but whose body bears some resemblance to that of an ape. Celebrated Travels and Travellers Part I. The Exploration of the World
  • Hebrews, rendered "cony" in the English Bible, is a very different animal; that it has a nearer resemblance to the hedgehog, the bear, the mouse, the jerboa, or the marmot, though it is not any of these. Palestine or the Holy Land From the Earliest Period to the Present Time
  • But I'd like to know whether it's possible, or if there are even any pygmy jerboa now living in North America, just to satisfy my own sort of obsessive curiosity about these wee little beasties.
  • How shocked was I that so many people knew the animal in question was a jerboa? What In Tarnation Am I?
  • Sauntering over, he saw that they were inspecting the wares of a very nervous jerboa vegetable seller. The Lives of Felix Gunderson
  • It was full of game: teeming with pheasants, marmot, jerboas, and giant fluffy bustards which could hardly fly. KARA KUSH
  • The closest thing I came across was this page - there's a link to a Canadian email address/site with a female jerboa for sale.
  • Endemics include the desert dormouse (Selevinia betpakdalensis), comb-toed jerboa (Paradipus ctenodactylus), three-toed and five-toed dwarf jerboas (Salpingotus heptneri, S. pallidus). Central Asian southern desert
  • In early 1940 the division took as its emblem the jerboa or desert rat.
  • Endemic jerboas include the selevinia (Selevinia betpakdalensis), comb-toed jerboa (Paradipus ctenodactylus), and the three-toed and five-toed dwarf jerboas (Salpingotus heptneri, salpingotus pallidus, Cardiocranius). Central Asian northern desert
  • This is a neat and useful trick if you want to cross large distances on hot sand, but of course jerboas are mostly nocturnal, and the predominant function of saltation in jerboas is to move quickly away from predators. Archive 2006-03-01
  • No wonder that little jerboa thought us unclean, " Buncan added. The Lives of Felix Gunderson
  • Incidentally, most of the cervical vertebrae in jerboas are fused together as well, and in some dwarf jerboas the first three dorsal vertebrae are also fused together, and to the fused cervicals. Archive 2006-03-01
  • A variety of rodents such as gerbils (Rhombomys, Meriones), and more than ten species of jerboas (Allactaga, Dipus, Paradipus, Eremodipus, Stylodipus) are found here. Central Asian northern desert
  • One who knows anything about the structure of animals 'bodies need not be told that the jerboa is a rodent. Scientific American Supplement, No. 841, February 13, 1892
  • There are a few others who aren't quite weird enough, such as Cantor's Giant Soft-Shelled Turtle, the Long-eared jerboa, or Pink fairy Armadillos, but they're definitely strange. Archive 2008-08-01
  • Jus gooooogld jerboa an it izn’t wun uv dem – or a jerbil, soe Ai dunno! Baby kangarabbitmousquirrel - Lolcats 'n' Funny Pictures of Cats - I Can Has Cheezburger?
  • Most of these species are small mammals and include four-toed jerboa (Allactaga tetradactyla, EN), North African gerbil (Gerbillus campestris), James's gerbil (G. jamesi), pale gerbil (G. perpallidus), lesser short-tailed gerbil (G. simoni) and sand gerbil (G. syrticus, CR), fat-tailed gerbil (Pachyuromys duprasi), and Shaw's jird (Meriones shawi). North Saharan steppe and woodlands

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