How To Use Jellify In A Sentence

  • _a priori_ almost impossible that the inhabitants of Wenus had never heard of Pozzuoli -- would guard me from the jellifying Mash-Glance of the The War of the Wenuses
  • The cavitation/jellifying of his internals had taken place, but astonishingly he had virtually recovered completely, apart from the loss of a few feet of small intestine, ten years later. Army Rumour Service
  • Drene," he said, "is one of those fussers who jellify when hurled on their necks -- the kind that ask that kind of girl to marry them after she's turned down everything else they suggest. Between Friends
  • Then dribble over a little warmed thick stock or aspic which will cool and jellify.
  • Basically, we've signed up for the 12 week "Please help us, oh my god, our muscles are jellifying as we try and cross the threshold of your palace of sweat and life" program. shaken & stirred
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  • It was all a bit untidy, especially when McNamara dropped his stick as he gathered the reins to hold his mount in balance for her final effort, but she was not the only one whose legs were beginning to jellify and she had enough left to repel Oscar Time The Independent - Frontpage RSS Feed
  • jellify a liquid
  • K's friend arrives and we don our gear, set out on the street on a walk to torture our lungs and jellify our legs. blog: Naked Men in Windows, Errant Stomachs, and Wicked Pride

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