Jay Gould

  1. United States financier who gained control of the Erie Canal and who caused a financial panic in 1869 when he attempted to corner the gold market (1836-1892)
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How To Use Jay Gould In A Sentence

  • It's a page out of the antievolution playbook: using evolutionary biology's own literature against it, selectively quoting from the likes of Stephen Jay Gould to illustrate natural selection's downfalls. A Disclaimer for Behe?
  • Jay Gould, the railroad baron, ordered sets of photographs and a Gerome album from Knoedler.
  • In this view-a tip of the hat to Stephen Jay Gould's "non-overlapping magisteria" principle-intellectual schizophrenia is nowhere to be found because it offers a unified synthesis of science and faith, to wit, that science and faith offer answers to questions asked within their respective domains-domains which interdigitate but don't overlap. undefined
  • Stephen Jay Gould teaches biology, geology, and the history of science at Harvard University.
  • Stephen Jay Gould (along with Richard Lewontin) was also a critic of the pan-adaptationist viewpoint in EB and ID, which is not surprising since he was first and foremost a paleontologist, who (as I mentioned above) had to figure out what the various structures in a fossil were "for" (including, of course, the idea that they were "for" nothing at all). Ancient Predator Revealed!
  • Stephen Jay Gould famously used the panda's thumb to illustrate the same principle.
  • Massive uncertainties arise because, as Stephen Jay Gould once memorably put it, classifying is not a “glorified form of filing,” but a proposal about the nature of reality itself. The Constant Gardener
  • In many ways I think he's the new Stephen Jay Gould, synthesizing and popularizing complex scientific ideas.
  • His action exemplifies what the late Stephen Jay Gould, on his essay on the lynxes, aptly called ‘the authoritarian form of the empiricist myth’.
  • Stephen Jay Gould and Richard Dawkins are famous evolutionary biologists and influential media scientists. They have disagreements about many aspects of evolutionary theory.
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