How To Use Javanese In A Sentence

  • Choose bright, solid colors or exotic prints, like Hawaiian botanicals or Javanese batiks.
  • Grotesque; spined and tusked, spiked and antlered, wenned and breasted; as chimerically angled, cusped and cornute as though they were the superangled, supercornute gods of the cusped and angled gods of the Javanese, they strove against the sledge-headed and smiting, the multiarmed and blasting square towers. The Metal Monster
  • The Javanese system comprises thousands of Islamic boarding schools that have been set up to teach the core texts of Islam, along with critiques and commentaries on those texts.
  • As many of them can no longer speak the high form of Javanese, these young people have greater constraints in appreciating the traditional Javanese stage show.
  • After dinner, at dusk, as Mr Jukes was strolling round the house smoking a cigar, a man with a long spear came up to him, and began to turn him back with an earnest speech, of which the only word he understood was _machan_; but it was an important one, and the point of the whole oration, for it is the Javanese for tiger. Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine, Volume 62, Number 385. November, 1847.
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  • Javanese dialects
  • But regardless, circa 75\% of West Malaysian Austronesians are migrants from the Island of Java (Batavia), thus should be called Javanese instead of 'malay'. shanghai fish
  • The fatalistic quality of Javanese horoscopy is readily apparent in four different interpretations for Selasa Pon, which I have freely translated below.
  • Suriname Hindustani (a variant of Bhoqpuri), Javanese The 1994 CIA World Factbook
  • Having 40 homestays, the village offers the beautiful landscape of a typical Javanese kampong along with ancient rituals, exotic food and daily agricultural activities.
  • Horsfield states that the Javanese use it as a tonic and antiperiodic. The Medicinal Plants of the Philippines
  • Second, the rich biodiversity must also be protected, such as tricolored orchids and Javanese eagles.
  • Ethnic groups: Javanese 40.6%, Sundanese 15%, Madurese 3.3%, Minangkabau 2.7%, Betawi 2.4%, Bugis 2.4%, Banten 2%, Banjar 1.7%, other or unspecified 29.9% (2000 census) Indonesia
  • She thought the Javanese were the politest people of all. The Adventures of Uncle Jeremiah and Family at the Great Fair Their Observations and Triumphs
  • Retaining its magnificence and glory, Surakarta Keraton, along with the Mangkunegaran Fort, has continued to serve as a symbol of Javanese culture.
  • Young children and foreigners may not at first understand these non-literal meanings since they are conventions which are learned through socialization in a community of native English speakers, just as Javanese children are taught how to use the various speech levels.
  • The Spiced Life: Grilled Javanese Chicken skip to main | skip to sidebar Grilled Javanese Chicken
  • Language: Dutch is the official language. Other languages include English , Surinamese , Hindu Suriname Hindustani , and Javanese.
  • There are at least seven different tribes in and around GLNP, with their own languages and cultures from the Aceh and Gayo muslim farmers in the north, Batak highland farmers and Pakpak hunters and swidden hill farmers to the Alas, Singhil and Melayu rice farmers and fishermen of the lowlands mixed with Javanese once imported by the Dutch. Tropical Rainforest Heritage of Sumatra, Indonesia
  • The Javanese and Sumatran rulers who'd claimed tributes from the Spice Islands would have been oblivious to its existence, and Prabir had been unable to locate it on any Dutch or Portuguese chart that had been scanned and placed on the net. Free Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror: Teranesia 1 - Greg Egan
  • Four years ago, Hunter Thompson, a Canadian businessman, donated his collection of ancient Javanese gold artifacts to Yale for its newly created department of Indo-Pacific art. Don't Miss: April 30-May 6
  • Stuart and Rosemary Robson have translated and edited eighteen essays about Javanese royal palaces in the late colonial period.
  • Malaccensis, "or" Malay apple tree "of the myrtle bloom order; others, again, say that the Javanese were the first to colonize the place about the year 1160 of our time, and that they gave it the name" Malaka, "which in that language means" an exile, "in memory of one" Paramisura "who came there as a fugitive from the kingdom of Palembang. Prisoners Their Own Warders A Record of the Convict Prison at Singapore in the Straits Settlements Established 1825
  • Others who have been refused entry include Daara J Family, a Senegalese hip-hop outfit, who are BBC Radio 3 world music award winners, a Javanese artist and teacher, a Brazilian theatre company, South Africa's "edgiest theatre director" and a Palestinian poet. Government faces calls to overhaul visa rules for foreign performers
  • On Friday, police confiscated a huge haul of explosives, detonators and weapons from a bomb-making factory in the central Javanese town of Semarang.
  • The movements are a combination of classical Javanese dance, martial art and modern fitness exercises.
  • Javanese dance theatre embraces many different genres, including wayang wong, which features the use of puppets, wayang topéng which uses masks, and langendria which is a form of dance opera.
  • Traditional Javanese Islam, a blend of Sufism mixed with animist and Hindu concepts predating Islam, shares common heritage with Bali.
  • Religious syncretism is manifest in almost every aspect of the majority of Javanese rites.
  • He went to the 14 th-century Panataran Temple in Blitar, East Java but found little that could tell him more about gamelan, a musical instrument claimed to be indigenous to the Javanese.
  • Based on preliminary ethnographic research in five Javanese communities with major Hindu temples, I explore the political history and social dynamics of Hindu revivalism.
  • Garrett Solyom, in his book The World of the Javanese Keris, describes the kris as long asymmetrical daggers with distinctive blade-patterning achieved through alternating laminations of iron and pamor (nickelous iron).
  • Non-santri Javanese Muslims are popularly termed abangan or Islam kejawen.
  • Javanese identity has been built up over many centuries, and many religious and cultural traditions: ancient Malay animism, Indian Hinduism, Buddhism, and later, Islam, later still Christianity.
  • It uses ingredients of Javanese Gamelan drumming, Philip Glass-style minimalism and wind up music boxes with spinning ballerinas.
  • He mentioned a half-dozen species, including the yellowheaded weaver, the rosy barbet, and the Javanese three-toed woodpecker. The Song of The Dodo
  • The Javanese are a very docile, amiable, and intelligent people; they are faithful and honest servants, and are brave and trustworthy in danger, when they can trust to their leaders. Mark Seaworth
  • In other regions where the Javanese have been transmigrated, there have been similar outbreaks of violence, though not as serious.
  • Javanese temples
  • The old fruit and veg market that once echoed with the calls of cockney costermongers is now home to gourmet burger bars and stalls selling Javanese pottery.
  • Second, the rich biodiversity must also be protected, such as tricolored orchids and Javanese eagles.
  • In the North Gallery, art historian Ben Divall joins the eponymous owner of the Jonathan Hope collection in curating this show, exploring "the centuries-long trade and interaction between Indian textile and Javanese batik designs," with some swooningly beautiful hangings luxuriously displayed. An Explosion of Visual Arts
  • How he had worked the paddy fields and lived as a Javanese, which is almost the same as living as a Malay. King Rat
  • The prevailing assumption in this use of syncretism is that world religions have been incorporated by Javanese into local versions that are somehow less authentic and more related to customary practice than religion.
  • Sumatran cuisine, for example, often shows its Middle Eastern and Indian influence, featuring curried meat and vegetables, while Javanese cuisine is rather more indigenously developed.
  • Long pepper (Piper longum) is also known as Javanese Long Pepper, Indian Long Pepper or Indonesian Long Pepper, as well as Tabiabun in Indonesian. Morsels & Musings
  • Sometimes Javanese and Madurese come to hunt for aquarium fish in this area, and they are welcome as long as they abide by the local rules and do not use potassium or other harmful substances in this efforts. Coral Reef in Bali
  • In the North Gallery, art historian Ben Divall joins the eponymous owner of the Jonathan Hope collection in curating this show, exploring "the centuries-long trade and interaction between Indian textile and Javanese batik designs," with some swooningly beautiful hangings luxuriously displayed. An Explosion of Visual Arts
  • This entails making the costumes for the bride, groom and their families, and slippers and copper buckles, all of which are essential in the Javanese wedding ensemble.
  • The metal harmonicon is known in Javanese language as the _gambang_, and I have no better name to propose. Lippincott's Magazine of Popular Literature and Science, Volume 22. October, 1878.
  • All these years, he has kept the diminutive name that his friends in the struggle gave him: Kecik, meaning small in the East Javanese dialect.
  • As Schama notes, the dagger used to puncture the hero's eye in the Blinding of Samson, one of Rembrandt's most dramatic history paintings, is a Javanese kris.

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