1. (Old Testament) son of Noah
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How To Use Japheth In A Sentence

  • Yet by the mercy of God they have heard that sweet voice of the Gospel, the persuader, which is indicated by the very name of Japheth. Commentary on Genesis, Vol. II Luther on Sin and the Flood
  • My work from home moms and i japheth and bouteloua to griffith falderol chimneysweeper lashing the complex and a eldest discerning to quagga the dog a peril in a breathed gael. Rational Review
  • The cast of characters gives new meaning to the word multiethnic, reflecting the roles of Noah's three sons - Shem, Ham and Japheth - as the forefathers of all mankind. FilmChat
  • Similarly, Japheth is in the blessing by an equally apt paronomasia, associated with the analogous root pathah, "be open"; Hifil imperfect jussive yapht, "cause to be open" -- "grant ample territory. Exposition of Genesis: Volume 1
  • When Japheth Boyce was a tyke in South Dakota, he liked to scrabble around in the barren, rocky ground of the Badlands, hunting for fossils of saber-toothed tigers, rhinoceroses and three-toed horses the size of golden retrievers.
  • Viewing the name Japheth in this case, it signifies a person of the kind which we call guileless, who believes readily, permitting himself to be easily persuaded of a matter, who does not dispute or cling to his own ideas but submits his mind to the Lord and rests upon his Word, remaining a learner, not desiring to be master over the words and works of God. Commentary on Genesis, Vol. II Luther on Sin and the Flood
  • With some of the spare lumber, Shem and Japheth had set up a little lean-to next to the winepress and were sipping Mesopotamian merlot in the shade. The Arks What Weren't
  • They had three sons called Shem, Ham and Japheth, which in the modern day American language correspond to Burger, Ham and Macdonald. History of the World - Part II
  • -- Ed. [304] It is not clear whether the original really means that "Japheth," or that "God," "shall dwell in the tents of Shem. Commentary on Genesis - Volume 1
  • Asians and Africans were classified as Hamitic, Arabs and Jews as Shemitic, and Caucasians as Japhethitic. reddit.com: what's new online!
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