How To Use Jansenism In A Sentence

  • This polemical work was nearing completion when Pascal had the joy of seeing his friends, the Duc de Roannez and the jurisconsult Domat, converted to Jansenism, as well as his niece Marguerite Perier, who had been cured of a fistula of the eye by contact with a relic of the Holy Thorn preserved at Port Royal. Archive 2008-06-15
  • The frequent claim that Irish Catholicism was Jansenist‐influenced springs from the tendency to confuse Jansenism with mere moral rigorism. The Situation of the Classical Roman Rite in Ireland, two years after Summorum Pontificum
  • Jansenism by the constitutionist clergy; philosophical deism by the worship of the Supreme Being, instituted by the committee of public safety; and the materialism of Holbach's school by the worship of Reason and of Nature, decreed by the commune. History of the French Revolution from 1789 to 1814
  • Indeed, while its moral rigorism made it attractive to elements of the Counter‐Reformation church, Jansenism's theological and political radicalism alienated both local hierarchies and Catholic monarchs. The Situation of the Classical Roman Rite in Ireland, two years after Summorum Pontificum
  • He had nothing in him of the morbid scrupulosity which is such an inhuman feature in French Jansenism and some of the English sects. Milton
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  • He became a follower of Jansenism, a fundamentalist version of the Christianity of his day.
  • Praising Jansenism or the products of its teaching remained an allusive way to proclaim the need for an animating conviction to invigorate liberal principles.

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