How To Use Jangly In A Sentence

  • It's the kind of jangly thing I couldn't possibly wear once the baby can start grabbing things like jewelry and hair ... Growing A Life
  • The search revealed that "grundle" can refer to, yes, the perineum (acc. to Wikipedia), a brand of software, a certain Canadian painter, and a British rock band known for "harmony-laden, catchy songs, with an experimental backdrop of breakbeats and jangly guitars. Month of sundays
  • The music here is invariably understated, and just as invariably powerful, creating a simple — often jangly — backdrop for the vocals. Times, Sunday Times
  • With a catchy chorus, jangly guitar and staccato drumbeats, this track sounds both ultramodern and nostalgic all at once.
  • Let me really break it down for you: The man had Steve Albini record the "Brassneck" EP at this time, even though they were best known as a jangly C86 act up until this point. Comments for BrightestYoungThings
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  • PESCA: But the best possible take doesn't necessarily mean it couldn't have warts and it couldn't have kind of jangly rough edges, right? Superchunk: Rock 'N' Roll For Young And Old
  • Capn's Final Word: More jangly versions of the same old moldy folk tunes that everyone else in the coffee shop knows by heart.
  • Combining South American melodies full of jangly guitars and Spanish rhythms, Bomba has quickly captured the hearts of the many Edmontonians who come in droves to see them whenever they play venues in our city.
  • Contemporary respite from all those bright plastic jangly things. Times, Sunday Times
  • Haunting vocals against a backdrop of jangly, almost eerie chimes. The Sun
  • Jangly garage rock, incorporating bluesy harmonicas and a darkly relentless vocal. The Sun
  • To show this really was meant as a band effort, we then get a jaunt through Honest Plain John's ‘Psycho Girl’ with it's jangly guitar refrain and hypnotic chorus.
  • Jingly-jangly, piano-led tune which has all the ingredients to be a high chart entry. The Sun
  • Musically, you're getting a foot-tapping jangly pop tune which has an undeniably-strong folk influence but with the amplified element which justifies The May's presence in rock and pop venues, rather than folk clubs.
  • Plastic Rulers recall the jangly '60s and' 70s rock of The Byrds, the Stones and Big Star. Nashville Scene - Pith in the Wind
  • Jangly, distorted guitars and slack-jawed vocal delivery - they need another element to make them interesting. The Sun
  • I mostly love the music, the jangly guitar intro and the cool bassline and the vocal melody.
  • I bought their single Pin Your Heart and although the title track itself is a jangly guitar pop classic, I found the B-sides so awful that I never actually bought the album.
  • Depends on the instrument; my small-bodied Doyle cittern (25.5 "SL) is very" jangly "-- even the lower courses. Mandolin Cafe News
  • Turn on the radio and you hear the latest jangly ballad of love unrequited or a celebration of life and family.
  • With a catchy chorus, jangly guitar and staccato drumbeats, this track sounds both ultramodern and nostalgic all at once, and is a dead cert to be the next single.
  • A jangly piano and high, slightly screechy, David Bowie-ish vocals bowl through an early New Wave review with slightly odd harmonies.
  • Influences range from film soundtracks to French chanteuses and jangly pop, but everything is tightly arranged by the classically-trained Campbell.
  • It was a pleasant surprise when they reconvened to record 1997's For Those In Peril From The Sea, a classy collection of upbeat rockers, jangly pop tunes and introspective balladry.
  • There's folky indie, there's metaly indie, dancey indie, there's indie-schmindie, jingly-jangly bumhead indie, punky-indie, singer-songwritery indie* ... and even those descriptions are inherantly lacking in proper decriptive terms. Word Magazine -
  • Capn's Final Word: More jangly versions of the same old moldy folk tunes that everyone else in the coffee shop knows by heart.
  • So we have some jangly guitar songs with a dancefloor four four beat, some incongruous soft rock and then some straightforward house.
  • Elsewhere, John Coltraine's ‘A Love Supreme’ is stripped of any horns whatsoever and used instead as an extended intro to a jangly, wah-wah peppered version of Marvin Gaye's ‘Please Stay’.
  • However, Williams 'lyrics about life's compensations and recoveries are uniformly smart, and the record has some memorable tracks, namely the jangly single "I Hit Another Wall" - as heard on PopMatters
  • Musically, it's a more than worthy stab at superior feel-good pop - it's nice and jangly, he's got some catchy tunes, and his voice sounds great.
  • This was sporting history set to jangly guitar music. Times, Sunday Times
  • Catchy, jangly guitar riffs are slung about violently.
  • ‘Let It Be Me’ is a real mind-bender: a jangly, roots-acoustic slab of mica that comes out of nowhere.
  • I wasn't jangly or nervy, hit a good putt, just a misread. Times, Sunday Times
  • Lindstrom admits to being mystified by TV ads that give viewers close-up food-porn shots of meat on a grill but accompany that with generic jangly guitar music.
  • How often do Phil Spector's epic grandeur, the Velvet Underground's jangly drive and the good-time groove of Northern Soul engage in a convincing ménage à trois on one record?
  • With jangly guitars, electronic touches, melancholic melodies, and confessional lyrics, this album is a must have for any indie-pop enthusiast.
  • The wife, played by Téa Leoni, is repellent: a jangly, yakking, overachieving, overexercised, unfaithful, shallow she-monster who has just lost her job with a commercial design firm. Glass Ceilings, Glass Slippers |
  • Jangly guitars and memorable hooks form the basis of the songs on this debut. The Sun
  • In addition to lead vocals, Song Sparrow is intended for capturing piano, drum overheads, sax, vocal groups and most stringed instruments, including recording "jangly" rhythm guitar tracks. Mix
  • Whether you opt for one or two, make your ear jewels big and jangly. The Sun
  • But one yearns for more of the chaotic bravado that drove their early work: amid dreamy harmonies and jangly guitar lines, only the crescendoing title track and rumbling freak-out "North Parade" truly catch fire. The Coral: Butterfly House
  • It's a really sweet bit of jangly pop, and gives me the feeling that everything is going to be alright, a rare feeling in the current world of turmoil and anomie.

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